Aselsan Allegedly Sold to Qatar! Statement by Haluk Görgün, General Manager of Aselsan

Statement from ASELSAN on Qatar Allegations
Statement from ASELSAN on Qatar Allegations

📩 19/12/2021 12:15

Today, ASELSAN continues its activities as a brand that establishes partnerships and invests in international markets as the only Turkish company that exports its original products and is among the top 100 companies in the list of the world's top 50 defense industry companies.

Turkish Armed Forces Foundation owns 74,20% of ASELSAN's shares, while 25,80% of the shares are publicly offered in Borsa Istanbul.

Today, as a world-class technology base; It continues its sustainable and stable marketing activities in global markets with its wide product range from civil systems to military solutions, with a total of 13 foreign subsidiaries, offices and branches. In this context, ASELSAN launched the Ukraine company, Pakistan Islamabad office and Qatar MRO (Maintenance Repair and Modernization) Center in 2021.

As a globalizing company, ASELSAN has made registration applications for our ASELSAN Ukraine, ASELSAN Pakistan, ASELSAN Qatar and ASELSAN Qatar MRO brands in order to protect the brand and name rights of the ASELSAN brand within the scope of all its investments abroad.

As a reliable defense and technology company in Qatar and the Gulf Region, due to the increase in our activities that we have been continuing for many years; We continue our after-sales support activities with our Maintenance, Repair and Modernization Center, where we aim to create a sustainable human resource, support increased operational capacity on-site, and offer our advanced defense solutions. These activities are not only limited to Qatar and the gulf region, but we carry out after-sales support activities in Azerbaijan with our ASELSAN Baku company, which has been operating in Azerbaijan for nearly 20 years. We are continuing our efforts to establish a Maintenance, Repair and Modernization center of the same scope in Ukraine in order to continue our similar activities in the near future.

Our ASELSAN Ukraine, ASELSAN Pakistan and ASELSAN Qatar MRO centers, which we put into operation in 2021, were not established with any domestic or foreign partnership and are 100% owned by ASELSAN A.Ş. operates as a subsidiary. No R&D activities and product production are carried out in these centers, and they are structured in order to establish closer contact with the local customer, where after-sales services are carried out as specified.

All disclosures regarding ASELSAN's domestic and foreign subsidiaries, capital and partnership structure are transparently disclosed to ASELSAN A.Ş. It is available to the public in the Annual Report published on the website every year.

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