Ant Egg Extract Found Effective in Clinical Study

Ant Egg Extract Found Effective in Clinical Study
Ant Egg Extract Found Effective in Clinical Study

Ant egg oil, which has been used by people for centuries as one of the natural methods against unwanted hair, has begun to be rediscovered. Ant egg oil, which was widely used in ancient times, took its place among the products recommended for a solution against unwanted hair with the discovery of Bioder.

Bioder added 'ant egg oil', which has been used for centuries in the Middle East and Asia, to its family of herbal and natural products, and brought science together with tradition. Stating that ant egg oil, which is effective on unwanted hair, thins the hair and helps to moisturize the skin, Cihat Dündar, Chairman of the Board of BIOTA Laboratories, said, “We bring our scientific methods together with naturalness and herbal solutions in all our brands under the roof of Biota Laboratories, which we established in 2002. As BIOTA Laboratories, we combined 'ant egg oil', which has been used since ancient times, with the power of science and prepared it in accordance with innovative technology. The difference of our laboratory here; It combined the awareness of ant egg oil with the assurance of science. Natural substances already exist in nature. The important thing here is to make these resources suitable for the use of today's people. 'Ant egg oil' is just such a product. Our laboratory has reformulated this product, which has always been known and used.” said.

Dermatological tests carried out in Germany

Underlining that Bioder 'ant egg oil' helps to reduce the appearance of hair in dermatological tests performed in Germany, after epilation and depilation use, Dündar continued his words as follows:

“A method that was used only traditionally in the past has been modernized today. It is possible to reach the product, which is prepared under hygienic conditions, from markets and perfumeries as well as pharmacies. This product, which is skin-friendly and reduces the appearance of hair, has passed dermatological tests in the laboratory in Germany. We combined the awareness and proven effect of ant egg oil with modern production and chemistry. We transform the extract produced from 100 percent real ant eggs brought from different parts of the world, especially from the Far East, into skin-friendly products in our laboratories.”

Pointing out that the product does not contain any synthetic oil, Cihat Dündar warned the consumer about under-the-counter production and counterfeit products.

The main benefits of Bioder ant egg oil in dermatological tests are listed as follows:

  • With its application to the skin, it reduces the appearance of hair and thins it.
  • It moisturizes the skin.
  • It helps the skin to achieve the desired smoothness.

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