Winter Preparations in the City from Ankara Metropolitan

Winter Preparations in the City from Ankara Metropolitan
Winter Preparations in the City from Ankara Metropolitan

📩 09/12/2021 11:16

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has started winter preparation maintenance and repair work on elevators, escalators and pedestrian overpasses throughout the city. While the teams of the Department of Urban Aesthetics are cleaning and painting the overpasses, they also clean the gratings and gratings from the accumulated waste so that puddles do not form on the roads.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Department of Urban Aesthetics Maintenance and Repair Department teams started winter maintenance works all over the capital.

As well as the general maintenance and repair of elevators and escalators, the teams that carry out cleaning and painting works on the overpasses also clean the wastes accumulated in the gratings and grates with pressurized water, vacuum trucks and water tankers in order to prevent puddles from forming in rainy weather and to prevent possible flooding.


The teams affiliated to the Department of Urban Aesthetics work 7/24 for the maintenance and repair of the under and overpasses throughout the city, as well as the escalators and elevators in ANKARAY and Metro.

Stating that 516 gratings and 200 gratings were cleaned from waste in the last month, and they completed the painting and maintenance works of 20 pedestrian overpasses in total this year, City Maintenance and Repair Branch Manager Mustafa Ertok gave the following information about the ongoing works:

“As the Department of Urban Aesthetics, at the request of our President, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, we continue our work based on savings and efficiency. We are almost done with our winter preparations. In this context, we are working on a 15/3 basis in order to put the maintenance, repair and painting processes of the 7 pedestrian overpasses in the Red Crescent 24 July National Will Square into the service of our citizens as soon as possible. We completed the heavy maintenance and revision processes of 475 elevators and 367 escalators in our organization within a month. After these processes, we took our blue and green labels and made them safer for our citizens. We will carry out the necessary maintenance, repair and painting processes of our 17 overpasses on the protocol road as soon as possible.”

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