Simulation Instead of Punishment for Those Not Wearing Seat Belts in Adana

Simulation Instead of Punishment for Those Not Wearing Seat Belts in Adana
Simulation Instead of Punishment for Those Not Wearing Seat Belts in Adana

📩 01/12/2021 15:42

Instead of being penalized for not wearing a seat belt in Adana, the drivers who were put into the simulation vehicle experienced what they could live in the event of an accident.

Provincial Police Department Traffic Inspection Branch teams started an application on Atatürk Street with the slogan Bi Movement Looks Life.

Police teams stopped drivers who were not wearing seat belts at the application point. The teams, who do not penalize those who do not wear seat belts, asked the drivers to get on the simulation vehicle. Drivers have experienced what they can experience in the event of a possible accident in the seat belt simulation tool.

Traffic Control Branch Manager Aydın Şahin said that promotional brochures were distributed to the journalists explaining the importance of seat belt use within the scope of the Bi Movement Bakar Hayat campaign launched by the Ministry and the General Directorate of Security.

Stating that they want drivers who do not wear seat belts to get on the simulation vehicle, Şahin said: “Our aim is never to penalize. In order to explain the safety of the seat belt, both informing our citizens who have not worn a belt and showing how they are protected in a possible accident when they wear them. For this, we put it on the simulation tool. In the simulation vehicle, you can see the protection of a person in the vehicle, which rolls over at a speed of 5 to 10 kilometers per hour, when he wears a seat belt. That's why we ask all our citizens to wear their seat belts, including the back seat and in the city, and to be more sensitive about this for their own safety."

Gülay Tapanyiğit, who was put on the simulation vehicle after it was determined that she was not wearing a seat belt, stated that she was very scared and said, "Oh, please, don't go anywhere without a seat belt. So don't go even if it's 3 kilometers. Thank you very much, glad they showed something like this. From now on, you will never be without a seat belt…”

Necla President also stated that she would not drive without a seat belt and said, “For a moment, I thought life was over, but life looks at a movement, but we always skip it. Do we have to experience something like this to realize it? I have experienced this now. I think I will now wear my seat belt every time I get on it, even at 300 meters.” used the expressions.

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