Works Continue on İmran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge

Works Continue on İmran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge
Works Continue on İmran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge

Work continues on the İmran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge, which was built by Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality. While the rock fill works on the 5 kilometer boulevard were completed; Installation of beams continues on the 7-footed 210-meter bridge.

Work on the "Imran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge" project, the giant investment of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, is progressing at a rapid pace. In the project, which rose with a total investment of 75 million TL, the beams of the 210-meter-long bridge began to be placed on the carrier legs. On the new 5-kilometer boulevard extending up to Ağcalı Junction, which provides access to dozens of neighborhoods in the west of the city, the rock fill works have been completed to a large extent, while thin fillings continue. The project, which was built on the branch of the Aksu Stream, which forms a natural border in the center of the city, will bring together the two sides, which are described as the north and the south. The project, which will provide access to 60 thousand people in the short term, will allow approximately 150 thousand people to reach the city center in 10 minutes in the long term.

New Boulevard 55 Meters Wide

Another transportation investment is being made in the Önsen – Kurtlar region, where the project was realized. The new artery, to which Imran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge will be directly connected, is defined as the first stage of the Southern Ring Road and will provide transit to Adana Highway. The construction of this new boulevard, which will have a total width of 55 meters, will prevent the traffic load created by intercity vehicles in the city center. It is among the targets that the new boulevard, where ground excavations continue, will be put into service in 2022 and that another investment extending to the Kahramanmaraş Airport Junction will be started as the second phase of the project.

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