What Should Be Done Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

What Should Be Done Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery?
What Should Be Done Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

Nose aesthetic treatment, also known as rhinoplasty It is a situation that adversely affects the living conditions of people. Problems such as bone, cartilage or meat belt that occur in the nose affect the person's life extremely negatively. Nasal disorders, which sometimes remain only as an aesthetic problem, sometimes appear as a medical ailment. For this reason, people need rhinoplasty surgery.

People who need nose surgery nose aesthetics surgery pre- There are certain things that you should know and pay attention to. By paying attention to these, people go through a very comfortable and healthy recovery period. Rhinoplasty aesthetics surgery pre- First of all, people should minimize the use of cigarettes and alcohol. The reason for this is that smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the person's body to the minimum level.

Preparation for Nose Aesthetic Surgery

With the decrease of oxygen, the recovery period of the person becomes slow. Buddha can compel a person. However, there are certain things that you should not use one month before the pre-operative treatment. Garlic, ginger, flaxseed, fish oil, milk, legumes, mixed herbal teas, and gas-causing foods such as broccoli should be avoided. At the same time, in order to reduce swelling and edema, foods with high salt content such as pickles and mineral water should be avoided. It is also recommended to stay away from blue, red, purple vegetables and fruits.

Are Blood Tests Performed Before Surgery?

Applied rhinoplasty surgery pre- blood sampling is done. However, if you have had an operation and have bleeding, or if you have bleeding more than normal when you normally have a cut, it is recommended to inform the doctors about this issue. Otherwise, your health may be adversely affected.

One Day Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

patients nose aesthetics surgery pre- They should take a shower and wash their face well with six bacterial soaps. Female patients should take care not to wear make-up while coming to the surgery and should also avoid applying nail polish. At the same time, it is recommended not to stress before the operation. While patients who are not stressed get through the rhinoplasty process more easily, the patient who sleeps comfortably wakes up comfortably.

Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery And Prices

Persons nose aesthetics surgery pre- They should find a doctor of the desired quality by doing a detailed and comprehensive research. A good doctor candidate is a good treatment option, otherwise the person's health can be adversely affected. After the doctor candidates with the desired features are found, the one who offers the most affordable price guarantee is preferred. In this way, the person receives quality service and brings it at the most affordable price. with this rhinoplasty prices Another factor affecting the treatment method is the session procedure and also the clinical preference of the person.

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