Weekday Trainings Started at IMM Technology Workshops

Weekday Trainings Started at IMM Technology Workshops
Weekday Trainings Started at IMM Technology Workshops

Weekday trainings started at the IMM Technology Workshops, organized in cooperation with IMM and Boğaziçi University. Within the scope of the program, students will receive training in workshops without interrupting the lessons in their schools. In addition, various trainings will be organized by the Institute Istanbul İSMEK.

New training programs at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Technology Workshops started in four workshops. Participating in the trainings, IMM Technology Workshops exams held in September 6-7. grades and 9-10. 118 students in classes participate. Trainings are held in Bakırköy, Fatih, Esenyurt and Ümraniye workshops on weekdays. After the five-week trainings are completed, different student groups will be included in the trainings.


6-7 within the scope of the prepared training curriculum. Block Based Game Design for grades 9-10. Introductory Programming training will be given to classes. Students who complete the training are entitled to a certificate of participation. kazanwill ache.

6-7. He will work on computer systems, computer design, algorithms, and block-based programming in the game design course. Basic game design, development and evaluation processes will be covered based on the initial concepts of computer science.

9-10. In the introductory programming course, it is planned to work on constructing an algorithm for solving a problem, using basic code methods, and creating program blocks for solving the problem.


Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK, which provides education to Istanbulites in many different fields, is starting its weekday trainings in cooperation with IBB Technology Workshops. Istanbul residents over the age of 16 will be able to attend Robotic Programming, Web Design Development, Applied Digital Marketing Advertising, Android Programming, Data Recovery and System Backup trainings to be given at IMM Technology Workshops in Bakırköy and Fatih. Registration for the program can be done through the address enstitu.ibb.istanbul.

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