Things to Consider When Buying a House

When buying a house
When buying a house

Owning a home can be counted among the most important decisions a person will make in their lifetime. Things to consider when purchasing a completed or second-hand house on a model vary according to needs and expectations. Those who know the tricks of the job can sign under a hassle-free shopping process both when making a purchase decision and at the stage of moving to a new house. Apartment for sale You can listen to our suggestions in order not to waste time while choosing and to reach the most accurate result without consuming your energy.

How to choose a house?

When starting to look for a house, the first thing to do is to determine the budget correctly. Pre-selection of housing options for sale by evaluating current savings, regular income and alternative loan offers is the best start. For a quick preliminary assessment;

  • house location
  • size, front
  • Building properties, ground condition, earthquake resistance
  • Transportation alternatives, social environment
  • Floor location
  • Reliability of the agent

issues should be carefully considered. Evaluation criteria can be expanded by considering needs and expectations. It is absolutely necessary to investigate whether the house is suitable for loan. Possible loss of time and financial risks can be avoided at the beginning of the job by choosing a suitable house for sale. In order to understand whether the house to be purchased is suitable for credit, the following points should be carefully investigated:

  • Condominium or ownership status
  • The house has been completed in accordance with the project
  • Appearance of the house as "dwelling" in the deed
  • Shareholders share seamlessly

The price of the house and its market value should be compared in detail. The price of the house for sale should be in line with the values ​​of the equivalent houses in the immediate vicinity. By comparing similar location, size and interior features, the reliability of the desired figure for the house can be determined. For example, Izmir Karşıyakaflat for sale in You can get an idea about the prices by examining the advertisements from different sources with Flatfy. The "depreciation period", which is called the return on investment with rent, also reveals the true value of the house to be purchased. Check whether there is a mortgage or lien on the house. A foreclosed home cannot be purchased with or without a loan. Acceptance of the mortgage is a must in order to complete the deed transactions of a mortgaged house. If you want to buy a house with ongoing credit debt, all possible risks should be calculated from the beginning. The location of the house, transportation alternatives and the social environment should be carefully considered. Transportation options are an issue that should be considered especially by those who want to buy flats for sale in big cities. In addition to contributing to the future value of the house, it also has a direct impact on living comfort. Central location and rich transportation opportunities are the most important criteria that save time. When evaluating transportation options, the proximity of the house to educational institutions, hospitals, shopping centers or parks should also be considered.

Apartment layout and neighborhood relations should be investigated. The apartment layout shapes the management in the common areas. An innovative management approach contributes positively to the quality of life. Neighborhood relations, on the other hand, facilitate adaptation to the preferred working-from-home conditions, especially today. At this stage, it will be useful to talk to the neighbors before deciding on the house to buy. If there is a tenant in the house to be purchased, the terms of the contract must be evaluated. If there is a tenant living in the house you are considering to buy, the terms of the contract should be evaluated by the expert in order not to have a headache and to avoid conflict with the tenant.

Details to consider

When buying a home, most of us stay focused on price and payment options. In the process where vital risks are pushed into the background, every detail from earthquake safety to housing, from material quality to insulation must be examined.

What are the floor servitude and settlement conditions? The floor easement, which is considered as the identity card of a house, shows which floor and which flat you own. It is given after the completion of the construction with the settlement certificate. Electricity and water subscriptions, which are obligatory for the start of life after the purchase, in buildings that do not have a occupancy permit will be charged with industrial usage figures.

Is the difference between net and gross square meters important? The most important issue that disappoints homeowners is the difference between net and gross square meters. It should not be overlooked that there are projects where this difference reaches 50%.

Pay attention to the insulation! The regulation on the protection of buildings from fire also obliges the implementation of certain rules on sound, water and heat insulation. While the consumer satisfaction is at the highest level in the houses designed in accordance with the new generation expectations, it should not be forgotten that the insulation problem in the old buildings can cause serious costs later on.

Do not pay by hand! Non-payment to the construction company or individuals is an extremely critical detail that should be known by those who want to buy a house. Care should be taken to keep the receipts of the payments to be made through the bank and to make the contracts with the construction company through a notary public.

End the dues as much as the rent! The costs incurred while buying a house for sale and settling in the house reach serious figures. It is also necessary to have information about the dues figures that are valid on comprehensive sites. It should be noted that the numbers are high in sites with rich options in terms of social facilities, as are campaigns such as not paying the dues for a certain period of time in housing projects that have been implemented recently.

What is the right of withdrawal and refund? The practices in force regarding the right of withdrawal from the consumer's decision aim to protect the rights of both parties mutually. Consumers who give up on buying the house they have chosen should investigate in detail how they can get their money according to the new regulations.

From the perspective of the investor

Every development in big cities has a positive effect on housing prices. The 2+1 trend, which draws attention in purchasing preferences made for both residence and investment purposes, allows different demands to be met at the same time. The fact that the price increase in new projects is mostly in these apartments also has an impact on the preferences of the investors. The living room, bathroom and kitchen, which are added to 2 rooms of sufficient size, allow all kinds of needs to be seen within itself. Although it varies according to the project, open kitchens are used in some 2+1 flats, and these houses can also be considered as workplaces. The absence of 1+0 or 1+1 flats in every project causes investors looking for small houses to change their preferences to 2+1. The rapidly developing area of ​​Istanbul Apartments for sale in Sancaktepe It is possible to find a 2+1 just like you are looking for. Before you step into a new life for yourself and your loved ones, you can take a look at the topics you need to pay attention to when buying a house for sale and have an idea about how investor preferences are shaped.  

The global real estate search engine Flatfy offers a wide range of options to people looking for a house for rent or sale, and periodically publishes reports on price changes in the real estate industry. These reports shared by Flatfy include periodic fluctuations and are a guide for people who are looking for a home.

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