Things to Consider in Male-Female Relationships

Things to Consider in Male-Female Relationships
Things to Consider in Male-Female Relationships

Family and Couple Specialist Cenk Sabuncuoğlu made important determinations on the subject and gave information on how to achieve mutual balance.

The woman tries to express herself by talking and the man by being silent.

When we examine the word woman, we come across as a person who has been expanded spiritually, has strong feelings, and has gained competence in many subjects. Women teach, the way of teaching is sometimes lovingly, sometimes as an example of compassion, sometimes by setting limits, sometimes by creating opportunities in the impossible. But women are braver, stronger, stronger than men.

A woman is strong enough to do anything, she just wants to see what someone is doing for her. He said that the visible and the invisible are always different from each other, a diamond is small, but it is expensive. The appearance of women, their naivety, may seem weak, needy or visually strong but limited to those who look instinctively, not consciously. In fact, the trick is to discover the visible behind the visible.

Today, women take the father as a figure and try to get to know the man. He said that if the father figure gives the right guidance, the woman chooses the right and schemes the concepts of masculine and feminine energy correctly. However, if the father figure cannot pass the concept of masculine energy to the woman, the woman becomes conscious of being strong and may begin to gradually shift from feminine to masculine.

The woman who says she should be strong includes men who work with the mechanism of getting approval from her mother who could not be freed from her life. This situation can often evolve into marriages that turn into a mother-father or mother-son relationship.

Violence against women has unfortunately increased nowadays. Who are the men who show this violence?

Men who do not receive the love and affection they expect from their mothers, who react to the mismatch between the mother figure they see around and the one they live with, and who do not allow their mother to exist, show violence to women. A weak man, a man who cannot create himself, feels powerless next to a woman who has created himself. A man realizes his masculinity by being praised. If a man has created himself, if he feels a sense of spiritual, mental and physical satisfaction, the man gives the necessary value to the woman by being naive and caring.

The woman is strong, analytical, practical. The male is straight. He perceives only with what he sees, but the spiritual part tires him. Since the woman sees both at the same time and tells in long sentences, the man loses his concentration and perceives a threat. He emphasized that in the face of this threat, the man would choose either to prove himself or to submit to the woman. However, if men and women get to know themselves, if they know that the woman's speech is related to your expression, and that the man's silence is related to his thinking and grounding, communication problems will disappear.

A woman is a woman when she is trusted, valued and listened to. A man is a man when he realizes what he has done and puts it into words. Men and women perceive and identify themselves with these behavioral instruments. These indefiniteness are revealed as threats in individuals.

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