Offer to Increase Public Transportation in Istanbul Rejected

Offer to Increase Public Transportation in Istanbul Rejected

Offer to Increase Public Transportation in Istanbul Rejected

No hike decision was made at the UKOME meeting, where the public transportation hike in Istanbul was discussed. Representatives of the Ministry stated that, despite the 36.2 percent revaluation rate of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, public transportation is 18 percent; and asked for a 28.6 percent increase in taxi, minibus and minibus fees. Drawing attention to the cost and exchange rate increases, İBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar said, "We need to provide a subsidy of 10 billion liras for all public transportation at today's rates." UKOME will meet again with the public transportation hike agenda before the end of the year.

The December meeting of UKOME (IMM Transportation Coordination Center) was held at Çırpıcı İBB Social Facilities under the chairmanship of İBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar. Can Akın Çağlar stated that, along with public transportation, taxis, public transportation and shuttle services are also public services, and said:

“We listened to the cries of our tradesmen here. As IMM, we calculated the euro at 11.5 liras while making our budget. At the point reached today, it is 17 lira. We had planned an expenditure budget of 2022 billion liras for 43.6. Today, we are faced with a 65 billion lira burden in order to provide the same services. While we have taken the risk of meeting the cost increases by subsidizing all public transportation by 5.5 billion liras annually in the same budget, we need to provide a subsidy of 10 billion liras at today's rates. The most important basis for public service is the sustainability of the service.”


IMM Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Orhan Demir said that they want to put an end to the discussions by bringing all the proposals together once a year and that they are trying to make the tradesmen see their way. He said, “We are not going through a normal period, today the dollar has risen to 15.34. The increase in the last 3 months is 74 percent. Diesel has increased by 58 percent this year. What crises has this country seen, but not like this? These costs need to be covered and the wheels of public transportation need to turn. Let's not put IMM and tradesmen in a difficult situation.


Turgay Gul, President of Istanbul Transporters' Association, also emphasized that it is very difficult for tradesmen to work even with the increase given due to the economic crisis. Emphasizing that otherwise, transportation tradesmen would have to close contacts, he said, "But the sea is over."


Representative of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Serdar Yücel, arguing that there has been an increase of 2021% in public transportation costs since July 18.60, said that 28.6% increase in minibuses and taxis, and 18% increase in electronic ticket and shuttle services.

After the discussions at the meeting, IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar; Taking into account the revaluation rate of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, he proposed an increase of 36.13 percent in public transportation and 27.12 percent in service fees.

IMM's proposal was rejected by the majority of the votes of the Ministry representatives. Can Akın Çağlar stated that the representatives of the Ministry made a mistake in the calculation of transportation costs and requested that the new raise proposal be brought to the agenda of UKOME by making a joint study again before the end of the year.


At the UKOME meeting, the duration of use of electric public transportation vehicles operated by IETT in the Adalar district was extended for another 6 months. 60 new electric vehicles to be purchased as domestic production will be specially designed. It is planned that the new vehicles with 13+1 transport capacity will be put into service within 1.5 years after the tender process.

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