Port and Navigation Acceptance Tests of MKE Sea Gun Begins

Port and Navigation Acceptance Tests of MKE Sea Gun Begins
Port and Navigation Acceptance Tests of MKE Sea Gun Begins

📩 18/12/2021 13:22

The first test firing of the MKE 76/62mm naval gun was made on 10 November 2021. If the port acceptance and cruise acceptance tests of the MKE Sea gun are successfully completed, it is planned to enter the TAF inventory at the end of February 2022 and be integrated into our surface platforms. The 34mm naval gun made by Italian Oto Melara is used on 76 platforms in the hands of the Turkish Navy. In the Burak class corvettes using the 100 mm Nexter head gun, this head gun started to be replaced with the 76mm Italian Oto Melara cannon. In this way, the number of platforms using 76mm seems to increase even more. It is estimated that the sea acceptance and firing tests of the MKE 76mm Sea cannon will be carried out in the Black Sea. The latest Gökdeniz CWIS was tested on the TCG Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Training Ship in 2018.

The MKE 2020/76mm Naval Gun, the technical features of which were announced in August 62, was also exhibited at IDEF21. The domestic sea gun, which will have a low RKA cupola, will be positioned between OTO Melara 76mm Compact and 76mm SR in terms of equivalent and will be digitally controlled. Ball; It can be used against air, land and sea targets.

MKE 76mm naval gun
Our surface platforms currently using 76mm naval guns:

On Gabya class frigates;

  • F-490 TCG-Gaziantep
  • F-491 TCG-Giresun
  • F-492 TCG-Gemlik
  • F-493 TCG-Gallipoli
  • F-494 TCG-Gökçeada
  • F-495 TCG-Gediz
  • F-496 TCG-Gökova
  • F-497 TCG-Göksu

In the Burak class corvette;

  • F-503 TCG Beykoz

In island class corvettes;

  • F-511 TCG Heybeliada
  • F-512 TCG Buyukada
  • F-513 TCG Burgazada
  • F-514 TCG Kınalı

school ship;

  • A-577 TCG Sokullu Mehmet Pasha
  • A-579 TCG Algerian Gazi Hasan Pasha

Oto Melara-made 76 mm cannon in gunboats

In star class gunboats;

  • P-348 TCG Star
  • P-349 TCG Karayel

In Doğan class gunboats;

  • P-340 TCG Dogan
  • P-341 TCG Seagull
  • P-342 TCG Typhoon
  • P-343 TCG Volcano

In wind class gunboats;

  • P-344 TCG Wind
  • P-345TCG Northwest
  • P-346 TCG Homeland
  • P-347 TCG Storm

In Kılıç 1 class gunboats;

  • P-330 Sword
  • P-331 Shield
  • P-332 Spear

In Kılıç 2 class gunboats;

  • P-333 Flood
  • P-334 Breeze
  • P-335 İmbat
  • P-336 Harpoon
  • P-337 Attack
  • P-338 Bora

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