Pass Guarantee Paid for the Unopened Road on the Northern Marmara Motorway

Passage Guarantee Paid for the Unopened Road on the Northern Marmara Motorway
Passage Guarantee Paid for the Unopened Road on the Northern Marmara Motorway

According to the censored report of the Court of Accounts, a guarantee of 154 million vehicles was paid for 30 days on the road that has not yet been opened to traffic on the Northern Marmara Highway.

According to the censored report of the Court of Accounts, in the Habibler-Hasdal section of the Kınalı-Odayeri section of the Northern Marmara Highway (KMO), the "transition guarantee" and "operation period" were changed in favor of the companies. The road, which has not yet been opened to traffic, has been paid for "154 million vehicles for 30 days". CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın said, "The nation's money has been transferred to the supporters through the highway that does not even serve."

According to the news of Erdem Sevgi from Cumhuriyet; It turned out that another application was made regarding the Habibler-Hasdal section, which is the 7th section of KMO's Kınalı-Odayeri section. According to the draft report, the operating period, which was 1742 days for the said segment, was first increased to 4 thousand 527 days. Then, the number of pass guarantees was increased and the calculation method of the guarantee fee was changed. Finally, the operating period was reduced by 2 days to 822 days. The acceptance date for the Habipler-Hasdal section has been set as 705 December 21. However, according to the report, an arrangement was made that the guarantee payment would start to process even if this section was not opened to traffic on that date. The Habipler-Hasdal section was put into service on May 2020, 21. Accordingly, the full guarantee payment was made as if the road was closed for 2021 days.


The guarantee payments of the Habibler-Hasdal department before the opening were run smoothly. Due to the changed application contract, the increase in the number of daily vehicle passes increased the cost. Accordingly, Habibler Hasdal department was paid 2020 vehicle pass guarantees per day for 10 days in 189, while in 176, 2021 thousand 21 vehicle pass guarantees were paid every day for 144 days until May 199. In other words, a transit guarantee was paid for a total of 759 million 30 thousand 657 vehicles for the segment that has not yet been opened to traffic. In the draft report, KGM defended the transaction by justifying that "if highway sections cannot be completed on the stipulated dates due to delays caused by expropriation, the loan extension period will expire". However, the Court of Accounts emphasized that "the delay in expropriation is predictable considering the location and size of the geography where the project is implemented".


CHP's Akın pointed out that the nation's money was poured into his supporters over the unopened highway and said, "Not a single vehicle passed through the highway that was not put into service for 154 days, and the money for this was taken from the people's pocket and transferred to the supporters' coffers. This information, which is revealed by the reports of the TCA, is tried to be hidden from the Parliament, where the audit is carried out on behalf of the nation. The AK Party government, which claims to write the history of the economy, unfortunately wrote a black history as the government that made the biggest resource transfer in the history of the Republic. "Unfortunately, our citizens are paying the burden of the destruction that the power, which cannot afford to take water from our nation's pocket and enrich a handful of supporters, has created in our economy," he said.

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