from IMM Kadıköy Scalpel to your traffic

from IMM Kadıköy Scalpel to your traffic
from IMM Kadıköy Scalpel to your traffic

IMM, Kadıköy In order to provide an uninterrupted connection from Bostancı to Kayışdağı Road and to ease the traffic in the region, an underpass work was started on the E-5 Highway. The first phase of the work, which will take 30 days, is aimed to be completed in February 2022.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Kadıköystarted a new project to ease the traffic on the Bostancı - Maltepe axis in . Within the scope of "Bostancı - Kayışdağı Road Intersection Project Construction"; Underpass, side road bridge, stream crossing bridge and connection roads are being built on the D-100 (E-5) Highway.

For the aforementioned study, a decision was made on the Temporary Traffic Circulation at the UTK (Transportation and Traffic Commission) on 3 December. The first phase of the work, which started on December 5, will last 30 days.

For the first phase of the project, Kartal-Kadıköy The traffic flow in the direction of 3 lanes was taken to the side road. Within the scope of the work that will last for two months, the existing road axis in the region will be changed from time to time. The entire work is scheduled to be completed by February 7, 2022.

When the project is completed, an uninterrupted transportation will be provided between Bostancı and Kayışdağı. Bostancı Junction and Küçükyalı Junction traffic will be relieved, and the density of D-100 Highway traffic will be reduced. The D-100 Highway South Side Road will turn in one direction.

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