Model Factory Project to be Established in Eskişehir Comes to Life

Model Factory Project to be Established in Eskişehir Comes to Life
Model Factory Project to be Established in Eskişehir Comes to Life

Industry and Technology Cooperation Board SANTEK Meeting was held at Eskişehir Chamber of Industry. The agenda of the meeting was the Model Factory to be established in Eskişehir.

In the meeting held; Information was given about the Model Factory project, which will be established within the possibilities of ESO Academy, implemented by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry with the cooperation of BEBKA – Provincial Directorate of National Education – KOSGEB – İŞKUR.

At the SANTEK meeting, where information was given on the development process of the Model Factory Project designed by ESO, the establishment and operationalization of an SME Competence Center that will serve the member companies of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry located in Eskişehir, Kütahya, Bilecik and Afyonkarahisar regions under the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry. stated that the project has been implemented.

It will provide companies with up to 300% increase in productivity

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, ESO Chairman of the Board Celalettin Kesikbaş said, “With the model factory to be established, a great contribution will be made to the industry of our city. The Model Factory will be a regional center that will serve the cities of Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya and Bilecik together with Eskişehir. It will provide services that will increase productivity up to 300% to Eskişehir companies in areas such as resource and energy use. We believe that a great acceleration will be achieved in terms of digital transformation in production and its applicability in the whole industry. In the model factory concept, a great deal of waste will be eliminated within the scope of lean production and lean transformation. Wastes, errors, overproduction, stocks, waiting times, unnecessary works in all product / service creation stages from design to shipment will be history, and this will have a positive effect on our industry from there. Good luck to our city in advance.” said.

In his speech, Eskişehir Governor Erol Ayyıldız thanked all institutions/organizations who contributed to the establishment of Eskişehir Model Factory, which will be the first in Eskişehir and the 9th in Turkey. In his speech, Ayyıldız said, “I find the project very valuable for Eskişehir and the industry in the region. As the state and our related institutions, we have provided and are ready to provide all necessary support in this regard. We find the issue of preventing waste and increasing efficiency in our companies very valuable especially nowadays. We stand by our Eskişehir producers. I wish the model factory project designed by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry in cooperation with universities and related institutions to be beneficial for our city and region.” said.

ESO Deputy Secretary General İsmail Öztürk, who made an informative presentation about the project, conveyed the following about the Model Factory: “The Eskişehir Model Factory will enable the producers in our city to work more efficiently, with higher quality and more cost-effectively. The sentence in the production processes from design to shipment will reduce the shelves to the lowest level. It will be the biggest supporter of small and medium-sized manufacturers, especially in lean production and digital transformation. It will play a role in raising an important human resource in manufacturing companies in the fields of efficiency and digital competence.”

ESO President Kesikbaş, who also made a presentation at the meeting, evaluated Eskişehir's export capability. He talked about the special services that ESO offers to its members in order to increase the exports of companies from Eskişehir. Kesikbaş also listed the expectations and demands of the members in articles.

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