İZSU's 3 Budget of 800 Billion 2022 Million Liras Adopted

İZSU's 3 Budget of 800 Billion 2022 Million Liras Adopted
İZSU's 3 Budget of 800 Billion 2022 Million Liras Adopted

The 2022 budget of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate was accepted by a majority of votes. Speaking at the general assembly, where his budget of 47 billion 3 million liras, 800 percent of which is allocated for investments, was voted on, the President Tunç Soyer“The values ​​related to water flowing from İzmir's taps are determined by the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Health Directorate. As a result of these determinations, there is the following reality; Drinkable water is at the level of 11 percent in all 100 metropolitan districts and 19 percent in 95 districts. İzmir can be proud of this as well. "We are giving our nation drinkable water," he said.

The İZSU General Assembly held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer directed. At the meeting, İZSU General Directorate 2022 Fiscal Year Performance Program and 2022 Fiscal Year Budget Draft were discussed. The Republican People's Party (CHP) Group, which came to the podium after the presentation Sözcüsü Nilay Kökkılınc, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerReferring to the vision of "Another water management is possible", he said, "We see that all the works planned to serve İzmir in the best way are carried out with determination." Noting that İZSU gave a good test, Kökkılınç emphasized that 47 percent of the institution's new budget was allocated to investments.

The biggest investments in Kemalpaşa history

Speaking at the session, Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı said, “I would like to thank the İZSU team for their investments in Kemalpaşa. Indeed, İZSU is making the biggest investment in Kemalpaşa in its history. We are talking about a town where cesspools have flowed into the stream for hundreds of years. "Right now, the work is going on very fast," he said. Expressing that the interest in his district increased after the pandemic, Mayor Karakayalı said, "After our Metropolitan Municipality saw this, infrastructure investments were increased." Emphasizing that huge investments are coming to Kemalpaşa, where agricultural production is also carried out, Karakayalı said, "İZSU has invested 120 million lira in our district," and stated that rainwater and sewerage infrastructure water and drinking water works are carried out at full speed.

The biggest move of our state to Çeşme came from İZSU

Çeşme Mayor Ekrem Oran said, “Since 2019, İZSU has made the biggest investment move made by our state in Çeşme. This investment, which is close to 255 million liras, covers many issues. But the most important thing was that the İZSU administration worked in coordination with Çeşme Municipality and we found this administration every time we called. The whole world saw the importance of our drinking water during this pandemic period. While we are all well aware of the leaks in the outdated infrastructure of our Çeşme, the investments made this year have largely eliminated the leaks. Serious improvements have been made in our stream beds," he said.

Ödemiş Mayor Mehmet Eriş also gave examples of some projects and investments that were stuck in the central government's procedure. Reminding the work of İZSU, President Eriş said, "I would like to thank my region and my district for their support."

It's like this all over the world

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who responded collectively to the criticism of the opposition in the parliament Tunç Soyer“This is how it is all over the world, and the opposition, who will say that they are doing a great job, will not find it sufficient. In fact, it is in the nature of politics. Since we are dissatisfied with the situation we are in and we are thinking about how we can do better, our evolution continues and we are on a journey towards the better and the beautiful.

Saying there is no manufacturing defect in Gördes means closing your eyes.

From time to time, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Soyer clarified the debates over the Gordes Dam. Stating that the low water level of the dam is not caused by the drought, but by the structural problems in the dam, Mayor Soyer said, “The current figures are in front of me. The average occupancy level of İzmir's dams is in the band of 40, 45, 50 percent. All dams are like that. Only 1 percent in Gördes. Almost finished, dried up. Make sure there is a manufacturing defect. Don't ignore this. There are faults in the tunnels as well. It was renovated 4 times because it did not hold water at the bottom. Unfortunately there is such an error. Saying no really means closing your eyes. This is not true. If so, why did you continue to invest? We built the Koskoca Kavaklıdere treatment plant, we trusted the state. How do we give up? But the numbers are very clear. While we were waiting to receive 659 million cubic meters of water since the day it was built, we were able to get a total of 190 million cubic meters of water in the time passed. We haven't had any for 3 years. We have to work together with DSI. Our bureaucrats have good relations with DSI bureaucrats and they get along well. Politically, we need to support this cooperation. Not only CHP, but also AK Party members should impose this on DSI bureaucrats and inculcate it," he said.

Isn't it the ministry's job to clean the bottom in the gulf?

Making a statement on the cleaning of the gulf, President Soyer said, “Isn't the bottom cleaning in the gulf the ministry's job? The ministry has a department for it. There is a Marine Dredging Chief Engineering. But the last time they did a dredging in May 2018. And that is to open the heel, that is, so that the ships can enter. It's not about cleaning. I ask my AK Party friends to support the work we will do in the gulf from the chief engineering of the gulf bottom cleaning. They should definitely cooperate. We have to do it together. The ministry is not outside this country, it is our ministry. Then they should support us. There is a reason why we give priority not to the opening of the circulation channel, but to the separation of the streams and the storm water waste water channel. First we have to stop the pollution. This does not mean that we will never build the circulation channel. First, we separate the rainwater and sewage channels. This is a very difficult job. SözcüIt sounds easy to express with words, but I watched the work in Buca. It's not something to think about. You are disrupting all the traffic, you are removing the existing roads. You're breaking something that's been around for decades, and you're making something new again. Those kilometers are easy to express, but even 100 meters is a big deal. It takes great courage, great sacrifice, and great work. Worked 2 hours for 24 months. It's not an easy job. But we are also indebted to this city. We have to do this because we know that the bay will not be cleaned otherwise,” he said.

Good thing we went, we filed 60 criminal complaints

Responding to the criticisms about the tour made to the region for the pollution of the Gediz River, Soyer said: “I did not go to Gediz as the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, I went as the President of the Union of Aegean Municipalities. As the President of the Aegean Municipalities Union, this is my responsibility. Aegean Municipalities Union is a union of which Kütahya, Uşak and Manisa are members. Do we really need to question this? For decades, Gediz has been pouring poison. It comes this far to the bay, it doesn't come this far, it goes out, what difference does it make! Our fertile lands are being poisoned, brother. Ok, I don't expect thank you, but at least I expect this to be understood. Why did we do this? For decades, no one has taken responsibility for the fact that we need to fight this pollution and poisoning. A fine of 200 thousand TL has been imposed for making water run to a treatment plant, it continues. It's been going on for decades. There is drought, there is a climate crisis, there is a wrong agricultural product pattern, there is wild irrigation, it is not enough, we also poison it. Who will oppose this? What is needed is not. What should we do? Shall we stay in the audience? Glad we went. We filed 60 criminal complaints. We will follow. As the Aegean Municipalities Union, we have the possibility to build a treatment plant at an emergency point. This land is ours.”

İZSU is really working hard

“İZSU is really working hard. Well done to all my friends here and their efforts, we are proud of each of them. Continuing his speech with the words "I would like to thank all of our council members, we witness that they all put their minds on", President Soyer said, "Why didn't mucilage (sea saliva) occur in Izmir? We have 7 provinces that discharge the wastewater they treat into Marmara. Of the treatment plants of these 7 provinces, 51 percent is natural and biological treatment, 48 percent is grid and sand treatment. In İzmir alone, 68 percent of 97 treatments are advanced biological treatment. What does this mean? It does not release nitrogen and phosphorus. The water treated with grid and sand unfortunately does not purify nitrogen and phosphorus. İzmir's difference from Marmara is that it has advanced biological treatment facilities. However, we can all be proud of it individually. This is a very valuable job!” said.

Izmir can be proud of this too

Stating that an attempt is made to create a perception about the cleanliness of İzmir's water from time to time, Soyer said, “The values ​​related to the water flowing from İzmir's taps are determined by the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Health Directorate. As a result of these determinations, there is the following reality; Drinkable water is at the level of 11 percent in all 100 metropolitan districts and 19 percent in 95 districts. İzmir can be proud of this as well. "We are giving our nation drinkable water," he said.

Within the scope of the approved budget after his speeches, 3 billion 800 million shares of 1 billion 789 million liras were allocated to investments. Thus, at the meeting, the İZSU General Directorate's 2022 Fiscal Year Performance Program and the Fiscal Year Budget Draft including 2022, 2023 and 2024 were accepted by majority of votes.

What are the details of the budget?

İZSU General Directorate aims to realize the biggest investments in its history next year. İZSU, which started projects that will bring the Gulf back to its old days with rain water separation lines, laid the foundations of the facilities that increased the wastewater treatment capacity of the city and improved the treatment quality, and carried out work for uninterrupted and healthy drinking water in 30 districts, has reached 3 billion TL of the 800 budget of 2022 billion 1 million liras. has allocated a part of 789 million TL to investments.

New regulation on tariffs

The General Directorate of İZSU has regulated the water tariffs in order to meet the rising expenses, especially the energy costs, which have increased significantly in the last period. In addition, the 0st stage tariff, which was previously applied for consumptions between 13-1 cubic meters, was adjusted as 0-10 cubic meters in order to protect the diminishing water resources due to the climate crisis and to encourage water savings. According to the new tariff, which will be effective as of January 1, 2022, an 18 percent price increase will be applied to the first stage of the water used in the residences and a 30 percent price increase to the second stage.

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