Isuzu Interliner CNG Named Bus of the Year in the International Sustainable Bus Competition

Isuzu Interliner CNG Named Bus of the Year in the International Sustainable Bus Competition
Isuzu Interliner CNG Named Bus of the Year in the International Sustainable Bus Competition

Anadolu Isuzu received the 'Bus of the Year' award in 2022, with the Interliner model, which is the pioneer of its segment with its environmentally friendly CNG technology, in the Sustainable Bus Award, the most prestigious competition organization of the bus industry. kazanwas.

Turkey's commercial vehicle brand Anadolu Isuzu continues to add to its global successes with its environmentally friendly and innovative vehicles. Interliner CNG, developed by Anadolu Isuzu to best respond to customer demands in domestic and international markets, was in the Intercity segment in the "Sustainable Bus Award" organization organized by seven important commercial vehicle magazines published in Italy, France, England, Germany, Spain, Romania and Slovenia. It was awarded the “Sustainable Bus of the Year 2022” award.

The jury of international experts of the Sustainable Bus Award evaluates the nominated vehicles with a wide list of criteria consisting of design, fuel consumption, emission emissions, safety, comfort, silence, material recyclability and general environmental commitments of manufacturers. Isuzu Interliner 13 CNG, which was nominated by the Sustainable Bus jury and evaluated together with other strong candidates in the Intercity segment, won the award, leaving the other nominees behind.

Isuzu Interliner is an environmentally friendly option in transportation

Isuzu Interliner CNG, with its 13-meter length, is the first and only vehicle produced in this segment in Turkey. In Europe, it is one of the three leading brands offering solutions in this segment. Thanks to its 100% Biogas compatible CNG engine, Interliner CNG, which has managed to reduce its emissions to acceptable levels, also provides advantages in fuel savings. Interliner CNG, which will serve in short distances between cities and cities, will make a difference especially in personnel and school transportation. The Interliner series also stands out with its large luggage capacity. Interliner, which has a luggage volume of 7,5 cubic meters, can provide services in both service transportation and tourism transportation areas thanks to the comfort and functionality it offers.

Developed in Anadolu Isuzu's R&D center and equipped with smart security systems, Isuzu Interliner makes a difference in its segment with features such as multi-functional instrument panel and fault diagnosis. With its comfortable driver area and passenger area, it provides the driver and passengers with the highest level of ergonomic benefit. Isuzu Interliner offers an important advantage to operators with its driver and driving scoring system. Designed by Anadolu Isuzu Design Office, Interliner, which stands out with its aerodynamic body, dynamic led signal and daytime running lights, digital instrument panel and innovative lines, received two important awards from international authorities with its original design. In 2020, he won the 'Gold A' Design award in Italy-based design competition A' Design Award; It was awarded in the Product Design category at the 2021 BIG SEE Awards, a design competition organized to encourage creativity in Europe.

Tuğrul Arıkan: “We aim to add sustainable value to society and the environment”

Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan said in his statement on the subject: We have placed sustainable production at the core of our business processes in order to support the goal of adding sustainable value to society and the environment. With the R&D studies we have done for many years to develop environmentally friendly applications, and with the new technologies we have developed, we bring nature-friendly vehicles to our sector. kazanwe are raising. We experienced great pride and happiness when our Interliner vehicle, which stands out as an environmentally friendly, safe and modern transportation solution for today's cities with its CNG engine, and which is the leader of its segment, was selected as the Bus of the Year by the Sustainable Bus organization. For us, this award means that our environmentalist and innovative identity and production quality are once again approved by an international jury. We will continue our efforts uninterruptedly to add to the successes we have achieved in our country and in the world with our innovative models and to further strengthen our position in international markets.”

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