Directorate of Migration Management to Recruit 35 Assistant Experts

Immigration Administration
Immigration Administration

In accordance with the provisions of the Provincial Migration Expertise Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 8 July 9 and numbered 35, a total of (11) Provincial Assistant Migration Experts from the 2013th and 28704th degrees from the General Administrative Services Class, which are vacant in the provincial organization of the Directorate of Migration Management under the Ministry of Interior, are recruited to the Provincial Migration Expertise Regulation. Immigration Assistant Specialist will be taken. The entrance exam will be conducted in two stages, written and oral. The written exam will be given to Ankara Social Sciences University by the Directorate of Migration Management. The oral exam will be administered by the Directorate of Migration Management.

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1- To meet the general conditions stated in the article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

2- To have completed at least 4 years of education from the Faculties of Law, Political Sciences, Economics, Business Administration, Economics and Administrative Sciences or one of the higher education institutions in the country or abroad whose equivalence has been accepted by the Higher Education Council,

3- In the 2020 or 2021 Public Personnel Selection Exams (KPSS), KPSSP6, KPSSP7, KPSSP16, KPSSP21, KPSSP26, KPSSP31, KPSSP36, KPSSP41 score types are 70 (seventy) and above; As a result of ranking the applicants starting from the highest score; Being among the candidates 20 times the number of Provincial Assistant Provincial Immigration Experts to be taken (candidates with the same score as the candidate in the last place are also called for the written exam),

4- To be under the age of 01 (thirty-five) as of 2022 January 35 (those who were born on 01.01.1987 and later may apply).


1- Applications for the Entrance Exam will be made online at the e-Government-Immigration Administration-Career Gate Public Recruitment or Career Gate ( address between 31 December 2021 – 09 January 2022. Applications not submitted within the deadline will not be considered. Applications in person or by post will not be accepted.

2- During the application, graduation information, KPSS score and residence information will be obtained via e-Government, and information that cannot be accessed via e-Government will be declared and uploaded.

3-Whether the candidates are entitled to take the written part of the Entrance Exam will be announced on the website of the Presidency ( so that each candidate can see their results. In addition, candidates will be able to view information about their exams through the Career Gate. No other information will be given to candidates.

4-Candidates who are eligible to take the exam must pay the exam fee of 12 TL (Ninety Turkish Liras) as a contribution to the fulfillment of the exam services between 19 – 2022 January 90.00. They will deposit the candidate's name, surname, TR ID number and exam name (Provincial Immigration Assistant Specialist Exam) in the explanations section to the 83 IBAN account number.

5-Candidates who are entitled to take the exam but do not pay the exam fee will not be able to take the exam. The fees paid by the candidates who did not take or could not take the exam, were not taken or removed from the exam, failed the exam, or whose exam was deemed invalid will not be refunded.

6-Candidates are responsible for the information they provide in the application. The candidate himself will be responsible for the consequences that may arise due to incomplete, incorrect and / or incorrect information. If it is determined that a candidate's statement does not comply with the truth, this candidate will forfeit all his rights from this exam, regardless of the time elapsed.

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