2022 Minimum Wage Clarified? What Will the Minimum Wage Be in 2022? Offers Announced

2022 Minimum Wage Clarified? What Will the Minimum Wage Be in 2022? Offers Announced
2022 Minimum Wage Clarified? What Will the Minimum Wage Be in 2022? Offers Announced

The Minimum Wage Determination Commission convened for the third time, hosted by the Turkish Confederation of Employers' Associations (TİSK), within the scope of the work to determine the minimum wage that will be valid in 2022.

In the official process of determining the new minimum wage, the third meeting was hosted by TİSK. In the meeting chaired by the General Manager of Labor Nurcan Önder, the Turkish Confederation of Employers' Associations (TİSK) represents the employers' committee and the Turkish Confederation of Workers' Unions (TÜRK-İŞ).

After the meeting of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, General Director of Labor Nurcan Önder, TÜRK-İŞ General Education Secretary Nazmi Irgat and TİSK Secretary General Akansel Koç, the first statements came from the parties after the meeting of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission. At the meeting, employer representative TİSK asked for 3.100 TL and worker representative Türk-İş asked for 3.900 TL. The parties continue to disagree on the figure. The exact figure will be determined after the fourth meeting.

The Fourth Meeting Will Be Decision Meeting

Working General Manager Nurcan Önder made a statement after the meeting, “We compared the figures to the parameters given by Hacettepe in our calculation. According to these figures, it varies between 2 thousand 979 liras and 3 liras according to the old formula. TİSK finds this figure more appropriate as 567 thousand 3 liras. Türk-İş says that for 100 thousand 3 liras, he says that he prefers different food sources, and that this figure will not fall below 567 thousand 3. We haven't been able to set an exact date for today yet. This is the first time we held the third meeting so early this year. The fourth meeting will be the decision meeting. We will hold the final meeting on a date convenient for all three parties," he said.

Türk-İş: We Couldn't Find A Number That Will Make The Minimum Wage Happy

Türk İş General Secretary Nazmi Irgat said, “We wanted to have a minimum wage that would solve the problems of all employees under the current conditions. We have given you good comments, but we are not in the same situation on the way we have come. It was not possible for the commission to make a sound decision. There is a difference between the inflation announced by TURKSTAT and the inflation we experience in real life. We see that exchange rates have increased by 85%. The inflation, which has increased abnormally in the last 1.5 months, has put people with low incomes even more difficult. The inflation, market market inflation and growth figures are also announced. We expect a minimum wage where we will get a share of welfare from growth. However, we have not been able to achieve this so far. We could not find a minimum wage where the minimum wage would smile and increase the level of welfare. We will have another meeting, but at first we thought we would finish early. We wanted to make 2022 evaluation calculations, but in my opinion, it turned out that there is no such position.

Upon the great objection of our employers, TURKSTAT could not explain the figures, our commission chairman did. It evaluates 435 items in its inflation, but the main item of minimum wage is around 30. We see that it increases more than 50 percent when rent, housing, transportation, etc. are taken into account. It was our expectation that the minimum wage would reach a structure that would take a share from the national income, with the belief that these would be taken into account in its determination. I hope we will resolve this in the upcoming meetings.” used the phrases.

TİSK: Our Based Institution is TÜİK

TİSK Secretary General Akansel Koç said, “We have stated that we will not have a different attitude towards inflation. It is very clear that inflation will not be crushed, and there has not been a suggested figure such as 3 thousand 161. We will protect our employees against inflation. All figures announced by TÜİK, the official institution of our state, are valid for us. The institution we base ourselves on is TÜİK.” said.

Özgür Burak Akkol, Chairman of the Board of TİSK, stated that there is no figure proposal in the minimum wage determination commission, and said, “Especially the issue of tax reduction or incentives will be decisive for the minimum wage. If we can get these supports, we think we can reach three signatures,” he said.

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