TCDD Transportation General Manager Pezük Sent a Train Model to Çınar

TCDD Transportation General Manager Pezük Sent a Train Model to Çınar

TCDD Transportation General Manager Pezük Sent a Train Model to Çınar

The post shared by Twitter user Muhammet Yılmaz, who was traveling by train, with his son Çınar Kadir on December 21, by tagging TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, received a response as a result of the work of the TCDD Taşımacılık 'Solution Center' team.

TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük did not remain indifferent to the post published by Twitter user Muhammet Yılmaz on 21 December 2021 as "My son Çınar Kadir loved traveling by TCDD Transportation train, #TCDDTasimacilik son wants a train gift from youJ". Pezuk, who was aware of the situation thanks to the instant controls of the Solution Center, had a train model gift prepared for little Çınar as soon as possible. After obtaining the contact information from the Twitter user, General Manager Hasan Pezük sent the gift to the mail with a note he wrote.

Pezük, who also left a video message to little Çınar Kadir: “We want our children and young people to prefer train travel more often and enjoy it. Our regional trains and mainline trains, which offer the opportunity to travel with unique landscapes, offer cultural tourism, a fun memory with friends and a travel experience full of comfort. As we understand from the photo shared by his father, little Çınar is traveling on one of the conventional trains of our institution and is read because of the joy he gets. Seeing the result of train journeys appealing to every group of people from 7 to 70 in this way made the TCDD Transportation family and me proud. I hope this gift we send to our child will be a good memory for him in the years to come.” said.

After the post, which received many likes on social media, Kadir Çınar's father, Muhammet Yılmaz, said, "We would like to thank Hasan Pezük, our General Manager of TCDD Transportation for your valuable wishes and gift, and everyone who contributed, and wish you a good work." He replied in the form.

7 Days 24 Hours Quality and Comfortable Service

General Manager Pezük added that everyone who wants to explore the natural beauties of our country in an economical and comfortable way, with 15 main line trains currently in service, should experience the train journey.

TCDD Tasimacilik offers its passengers a quality and comfortable service 14 hours a day, 28 days a week with 5 main line routes, 7 regional train routes, 24 high-speed train routes, Başkentray and Marmaray. Providing economical and comfortable travel opportunities, rail passenger transportation provides a unique convenience especially for those who want to make daily trips by turning cities into suburbs of each other.

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