Fuel Loading Process Started in Unit 2 of Belarusian NPP

Fuel Loading Process Started in Unit 2 of Belarusian NPP
Fuel Loading Process Started in Unit 2 of Belarusian NPP

📩 23/12/2021 11:07

Fresh fuel has been loaded into the second unit of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant (NGS), whose general designer and general contractor is the Russian State Atomic Energy Agency Rosatom's Engineering Unit ASE A.Ş.

The first batch of nuclear fuel was loaded into the reactor core at 22 am on 10.11 December. A total of 163 fuel bundles will be loaded into the reactor. The fuel was produced at the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant, a subsidiary of Rosatom's fuel company TVEL.

Upon completion of the loading, the reactor will be brought to the minimum controlled power level of less than 1 percent and related investigations will be carried out. After confirmation of the operation of the power unit, its reliability and safety according to the design parameters, the unit will be connected to the electricity grid of the Republic of Belarus for the first time. With this process, the phase of commissioning the reactor will also begin.

Alexander Lokshin, Rosatom's First Deputy Director for Nuclear Energy and President of ASE A.Ş., said: “The most interesting, exciting and most important phase of nuclear power unit construction is the setup and installation of the unit after the completion of a major construction and installation work. is put into service. At this stage, tons of concrete, tons of metal structures, kilometers of cables and pipelines turn into a living organism that will function and serve people for at least 60 years. This physical beginning can be compared to the formation of the heart, the most important organ of this organism, and the beginning of its life.”

Rosatom, the Russian State Atomic Energy Agency, is today considered a worldwide leader and the only company in the world engaged in full-scale production of nuclear power plants abroad. In total, 80 nuclear power plants of Russian design were built around the world, 106 of which are power units equipped with VVER reactors. Currently, Rosatom's international order portfolio includes 12 units with VVER reactors, which have been delivered at various stages in 35 countries.

The Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant, with two VVER-2.400 reactors with a total capacity of 1200 MW, is being built in Ostrovets, Republic of Belarus. For its first nuclear power plant, Belarus had chosen a Russian 3+ generation project that fully complies with the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) international standards and recommendations on safety. The 3st power unit of Belarus NPP, the first power unit with the latest generation 1+ technology, built abroad using Russian technologies, was put into operation for commercial purposes on 10 June 2021.

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