Doruk Will Mentor Digital Transformation in 2022

Doruk Will Mentor Digital Transformation in 2022
Doruk Will Mentor Digital Transformation in 2022

The technology company Doruk, which has realized the digital transformation of more than 300 factories in the global arena, has announced its targets for 2022. Working with the aim of developing advanced technology production management systems that support the sustainable success of industrialists and establishing strategic business partnerships, Doruk continued to mentor companies in the field of digital transformation in 2021. As the first technology company to carry out R&D studies on digitalization in the industry in Turkey, the company focuses on many different sectors, especially automotive, white goods, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, food and packaging; has made a revolutionary innovation in digitalization with ProManage Cloud, the IoT Based MES MOM Production Management System, which it has recently implemented and started its overseas activities. Aiming to lead digital transformation with ProManage Cloud and Computer Vision, the technology for converting camera images into digital data, in 2022, the company will continue to increase its investments in innovation and R&D activities.

Aiming to position itself as the "best solutions in the world" with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies in the factories of the future, Doruk plans to transform many factories into digital production centers in 2022 with ProManage. Finally, the company, which has changed the balance in the industry with ProManage Cloud, developed to remove the obstacles to digitalization, and Computer Vision, an artificial intelligence application that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world, aims to reach more industrialists in the new period. Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden, who stated that they set a goal of becoming a world brand, said that their company, ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solutions Corp., which was established in 2017 and is currently operating in America, While expanding globally with MxD Technopark in Chicago, he said that they want to sign global projects.

2021 was a turning point in digital transformation

Özden said that there has been a serious increase in the demand for factories to transform their production management mechanisms in line with the increasing need for digitalization with the pandemic; “We can say that 2021 is a turning point both for the development of the industry that wants to adapt to the new normal and for digital transformation. As Doruk, we stood by them with our smart business solutions so that SMEs, which make up 99,8 percent of the enterprises in our country, do not experience losses in their production, increase their productivity and increase their profit potential, and most importantly, automate certain processes in the factory instead of being manual. In order for SMEs to be included in the global competitive structure and achieve macro growth, we have developed solutions that remove the obstacles to their digitalization. With Computer Vision, the technology of converting camera images into digital data, we have taken a leading role in the transformation of many businesses into digital factories. This technology is a system that makes sense of camera imaging with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. It enables businesses to verify the product and quality conformity throughout the assembly line, measuring the number of operations, quality control and in processes such as product counting, operation counting, product identification, rework, and manual assembly. We have provided and will continue to provide digital transformation mentoring services to many companies with our competent staff in augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, which constitute the basic dynamics of digitalization.”

Obstacles to digitalization are overcome with ProManage Cloud

Özden said that they aim to support SMEs to continue their productive and profitable production by remote production management with ProManage Cloud; “ProManage Cloud, which is different and unrivaled enough to change the rules of the game in factories, eliminates many obstacles to digitalization and facilitates the digitalization processes of SMEs. First of all, it is installed with little effort and eliminates the labor barrier. ProManage Cloud, which can be started with only one machine and one month of use, starts the most economical digitalization process in the world, which can be scaled up to flexible machine number and duration usage. It also puts an end to the problem of advanced infrastructure with only internet connection without the need for a database and server. Moreover, it also neutralizes the risk of the investment becoming low-functioning over time, by providing the opportunity to add functions and continuously transform the system according to its own needs. ProManage Cloud, a solution with proven benefits that eliminates the risk of digitalization investments, is delivered to the production sites ready-made. Thanks to this product, SMEs can monitor their businesses on mobile, monitor the amount of production and whether the machines are working or not. We have started the activities of our product both in our country and abroad. In the coming period, we will continue to guide the digitalization journey in sectors open to development both in our country and in the world.”

It aims to reach all European countries

Özden stated that as a company, they export to the USA, Russia, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Algeria, Serbia and Tatarstan; “Recently, ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solutions Corp. in America. We entered the Asia Pacific market with the signing of a partnership agreement with Japan-based ITO Corporation. Now, we aim to reach all European countries in the medium and long term. Our main goal at this point is to expand to the world and to be a leading technology brand originating from Turkey in the field of production management systems. Therefore, it is very important for us to introduce and integrate our ProManage product to the entire world industry with our company in America. In this direction, we aim to realize joint projects with these companies, especially in the field of production management systems, by taking part in MxD Technopark in Chicago, where giant companies from different sectors are located.”

The target is to be the world's top 3 MES manufacturers

ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solution Inc. Özden also conveyed the new developments about his company; “We started the operational activities of our company in the USA in 2021. With this step, we have taken a strong step towards being among the top 3 MES manufacturers in the world, which we set as our vision. As it is known, the USA is accepted as the center of all marketing, sales and application activities in the world. We are positioning the USA as the center of ProManage's operations abroad. As ProManage, we are one of the partners of MxD-R&D with the new name of DMDII (Digital Manufacturing Design and Innovstion Institute), which was established in the USA with the aim of strengthening the local production industry through digitalization. As a consortium member in ongoing 'Manufacturing IT' projects, we will continue our R&D studies at full speed” and summarized the targets on their agenda.

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