Attention to Disorders Requiring Emergency Surgery in Pregnancy!

Attention to Disorders Requiring Emergency Surgery in Pregnancy!
Attention to Disorders Requiring Emergency Surgery in Pregnancy!

📩 15/12/2021 16:06

Expectant mothers who spend a long period of 40 weeks waiting for their baby may encounter situations that may require emergency surgery, as in other periods of life. In such ailments, treatment procedures are carried out by keeping the health of the mother and baby in the foreground. In this process, it is of great importance to plan the right treatment under expert control without worrying and not to reduce motivation. From Memorial Service Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Op. Dr. Hüseyin Mutlu gave information about diseases that require emergency surgery during pregnancy.

Treatment according to the health of mother and baby

There may be delays in the diagnosis of surgical diseases that may occur during pregnancy compared to those who are not pregnant. The condition of the baby in the womb is always taken into account when making the decision for surgery. In surgical emergencies during pregnancy, the diagnosis is made by examination, blood tests and the most commonly used ultrasonography method. Ultrasonography method is important both in the diagnosis of the disease and in terms of giving information about the condition of the baby in the mother's womb. X-ray is the last method used in radiological examinations. In such cases, MRI is preferred because it is safer. In addition, general anesthesia can be used during pregnancy when necessary.

Laparoscopy is preferred in emergency surgeries

The use of laparoscopy in operations that require emergency surgical procedures during pregnancy has become increasingly common. It is the enlarged uterus that complicates such operations. The size of the uterus is an important factor when deciding on this procedure. The most important advantage of laparoscopy is the short hospital stay of the expectant mother, less need for painkillers and returning to normal life after surgery.

Do not neglect the ailments that require emergency general surgery during pregnancy

  • Appendicitis
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Bowel knot or obstruction
  • acute pancreatitis
  • gallbladder inflammation
  • ovarian cyst burst
  • Cyst torsion
  • Stem fibroid torsion
  • Inflammation of the peritoneum
  • ectopic pregnancy bleeding
  • Low
  • Trauma-related orthopedic injuries

Gynecological disorders that may occur during pregnancy

Explosion of ovarian cysts during pregnancy or complications of uterine fibroids and rupture of the uterus cause irritation and severe pain in the abdomen. If not diagnosed in time, it causes life-threatening risks for both mother and baby. Timely surgical intervention with diagnosis is life-saving. Surgical treatment of urgent gynecological problems can also be performed as a closed or open operation, depending on the week of pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy has an important place in emergencies during pregnancy. Because even if the pregnancy is positive at the beginning of the pregnancy, if there is no pregnancy appearance in the uterus, it is a situation that should be considered first. Rarely, while a healthy pregnancy continues in the uterus, there may also be an ectopic pregnancy in the tubes. In addition, complications caused by pregnancies placed in the old cesarean section, which is frequently seen in recent years, require timely diagnosis and treatment.

May require emergency surgery in conditions other than gynecological diseases

Apart from gynecological diseases seen during pregnancy, appendicitis, gallbladder inflammation and intestinal obstruction are also diseases that require surgery. In general, it causes severe abdominal pain with inflammation of the peritoneum. After the definitive diagnosis is made, surgical intervention by taking the necessary precautions helps both the mother and the baby to regain their health. Surgical technique can be performed as closed or open surgery. In addition, urinary tract obstruction caused by stones in the urinary tract causes severe pain during pregnancy. Taking a long time can sometimes lead to the onset of premature labor pains. In this case, urinary tract stones may require intervention.

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