Award for IMM's Project to Reduce Traffic

Award for IMM's Project to Reduce Traffic
Award for IMM's Project to Reduce Traffic

IMM's project, which aims to reduce the average travel time, was selected first in the competition organized by the Turkish Informatics Association (TBD) Istanbul Branch. In the same competition, the blockchain network 'İBB Smartus Project' received the second prize. An award was given to İBB for its pioneering projects such as 'Pending Invoice' and 'Istanbul is Yours' from the Enterprise IT World organization, in which international participants took part.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) appreciates industry professionals with its innovative solutions and services that make a difference. kazanyeast continues. Implementing its pioneering applications and services, İBB was deemed worthy of three awards, two national and one international. IMM, which received two awards with the 'Transportation and Traffic Excellence Project for Predicting Traffic Density After the Pandemic' and 'IBB Smartus Project' from the 'Stars of IT' organized by the TBD Istanbul Branch, received an award from the CIO1000 Award category of the Enterprise IT World organization. IMM Department of Information Technologies has been in the field of technology since June 2019. kazanHe increased the number of awards he received to 24.


'Information Stars', one of the most prestigious competitions in the industry, organized by TBD Istanbul Branch, was held this year with the theme of 'Domestic and National / Original Project Competition'. IMM won the first place in the Local Governments Category with its 'IMM Transportation and Traffic Excellence Project for Predicting Traffic Density After the Pandemic'. The project will help reduce average travel time and traffic congestion. Instant interventions that need traffic lights can be made. Istanbul residents will be able to access the most suitable transportation solutions during the busy hours of public transportation.

IMM's online services will be accelerated with the 'IBB Smartus Project', a secure and permission-based blockchain network that won the second prize. Residents of Istanbul will quickly access most of their data, including gas and water bills, and IMM's public education services (ISMEK) graduation certificates, via the transparent, consensus-based blockchain network.


The leading publication of Accent Info Media, the leading technology broadcaster of South Asia and MEA region, Enterprise IT World CIO1000 APAC 2021 awards found their owners. More than 1000 Information Technologies (IT) leaders participated online with the theme of "Digital Transformation" to the organization that supports the technology industry worldwide and aims to bring together current technology information and trends.

In the event, IMM was deemed worthy of the “Enterprise IT World CIO1000 APAC 2021” award for its deep understanding of technology, strategy, team building ability, success in adapting to digital transformation and positive contributions to the society, adding a new one to its international achievements. Award to IMM Information Processing Department; Istanbul You was awarded for its leadership in projects such as Open Data Portal, Pending Invoice, IMM Wifi and Zemin Istanbul.

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