ASELSAN Weapon Detection Radar Entered TAF Inventory

ASELSAN Weapon Detection Radar Entered TAF Inventory
ASELSAN Weapon Detection Radar Entered TAF Inventory

The Ministry of National Defense (MSB) announced that the Weapon Detection Radar, whose inspection and acceptance processes have been completed, has entered the inventory of the Land Forces Command.

Inspection and acceptance procedures for the first delivery of Weapon Detection Radars developed by ASELSAN with national resources have been completed.

Weapon Detection Radars feature unique design, electronic scanning antenna, digital beam generation, fast and easy installation, detection and tracking of multiple ammunition at the same time, advanced system and data processing algorithms.

ASELSAN Weapon Detection Radar (STR)

ASELSAN Weapon Detection Radar is an AESA radar system that detects mortar, artillery and rocket fires by enemy elements and precisely calculates the drop and drop location. The weapon throwing point detected by the radar is instantly transferred to the fire support weapons and it is aimed to destroy the enemy elements by making a counter shot.

The drop point is calculated by monitoring the shots fired by the friendly troops, and the deviation amount of the required shot from the target point is calculated and feedback is given to the firing troops for the firing arrangement.

General features

  • Detection of Mortar, Artillery and Rocket ammunition
  • Calculation of the shot/drop location of Mortar, Artillery and Rocket ammunitions
  • friendly troop firing
  • Electronic scanning in yanca and ascension
  • Silhouette Tracking Ability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Portable On-Vehicle Structure: Two 10 Ton Class 6×6


  • Broadcast Frequency: S Band
  • Range : 100 km
  • Target Classification
  • Detection capability against Mortar/Cannon/Rocket threats

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