Armenia and Azerbaijan to Build a Railway over Nakhchivan

Armenia and Azerbaijan to Build a Railway over Nakhchivan
Armenia and Azerbaijan to Build a Railway over Nakhchivan

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that Yerevan and Baku had approved the agreement to build a railway between the two countries.

Speaking at a meeting with the government, Pashinyan said, "During the meeting with the President of Azerbaijan in Brussels, we approved the agreement on the construction of the Yerask, Julfa, Ordubad, Megri, Horadiz railway."

According to Pashinyan, the issue was discussed in Sochi between the leaders of the two Caucasian countries, within the framework of the tripartite working group between the deputy prime ministers of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan, and under the mediation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pashinyan met with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev yesterday in Brussels. Leaders attend the Eastern Partnership Summit.

Pashinyan stated that the railway in question will operate within the framework of internationally accepted border and customs rules under the sovereignty of countries.

Pashinyan said, “Armenia will gain access to Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan through this railway. However, if we can establish an effective dialogue with Turkey and succeed in opening borders and connections, this project is of greater importance. kazancan. Because there is a railway from Yerask to Gyumri and from Gyumri to Kars. We have to start building the railroad. A tender announcement needs to be made, we have to work on a day-to-day basis and resolve this issue.”

Pashinyan stated that this project will significantly change the economic, investment and political climate in the region. The railway route agreed by the parties will connect Nakhchivan with other regions of Azerbaijan. (tr.sputniknews)

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