Ankara's Bicycle Path Network Is Expanding Every Day

Ankara's Bicycle Path Network Is Expanding Every Day
Ankara's Bicycle Path Network Is Expanding Every Day

The number of blue roads is increasing day by day in line with the goal of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş to use the bicycle as an alternative means of transportation in the Capital. The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the 53,6-kilometer Bicycle Path Project in stages, finally completed the 7,5-kilometer bicycle path in Etimesgut Eryaman.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its blue road works, which it started in many parts of the city, in order to equip the capital with bicycle paths.

Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who implemented the 53,6-kilometer Cycle Road Project in Ankara, which consists of 9 stages, in order to encourage the use of bicycles and increase its use as an alternative transportation vehicle, is bringing the blue roads together with the Capitalists by completing them step by step.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the bicycle paths between the National Library-Beşevler, Başkent University Baghlica Campus, Gazi University, Turkish Aeronautical Association University, METU, Anadolu Organized Industrial Zone and Gölbaşı Mogan Park, into service lastly in Eryaman District of Etimesgut district. It has completed the 7,5 kilometer bicycle path and offered it to the use of bicycle lovers.

Citizens residing in the region with the Eryaman Bicycle Road, the construction of which was completed by the Department of Science Affairs; It started to use the bicycle path covering 2670th Street, Lozan Barışı Street, Bozhöyük Street, Üç Şehitler Street and Dumlupınar 30 August Street.

Expressing their satisfaction with the construction of a bicycle path in their area, Ali Cavit Ahmedi said, “I have been living here for 3 years, now we have our own bicycle path. We are very pleased with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, thank you very much”, while another cyclist named Erhan Öz expressed his thoughts, “The bike paths were very nice. Separation from vehicle roads was also very important for cyclists. It had to be, it was a nice service”.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has adopted an economic, environmentalist and sustainable transportation policy and opened the Cycling Campus to the service of the citizens of the Capital, is expanding its bicycle road network with each passing day.

Until 2040, a total of 275 kilometers of bicycle path will be transferred to the Capital. kazanThe Metropolitan Municipality, which plans to increase the number of bicycles in Ankara and shares its Ankara Bicycle Strategy and Master Plan with the public, aims to set an example for other provinces by popularizing the use of bicycles for a healthy life.

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