A Brief Look at 2021 Makeup Trends As The Year Ends

A Brief Look at 2021 Makeup Trends As The Year Ends
A Brief Look at 2021 Makeup Trends As The Year Ends

As every year, some applications in make-up have managed to stand out and become the trend of the year this year. 2021, when the difficult conditions created by the pandemic continue; It was the year of unusual eye make-ups made with colorful eyeshadows, fresh and luminous-looking skin, prominent eye fountains and dark lipsticks.

This year was a year when colorful eyeshadow palettes became huge. Eye makeup was done without strictly adhering to seasonal colors and conventional eye makeup routines. This trend, in which an attempt is made to capture the extraordinary in eye make-up with the use of various colors, was one of the main reasons why palettes containing colorful eyeshadows were preferred.

Due to the fact that the use of masks is an inevitable part of our lives, heavy make-up made using abundant products was shelved this year. The fresh and bright appearance of the skin enabled the concept of "fine skin make-up" to enter our lives. With this make-up made using thin skin products, it was aimed to support the healthy and youthful appearance of the skin.

The desire to make a region stand out compared to other regions in make-up was also seen as one of the trend make-up moves of this year. The most highlighted region, unlike many other years, was the fountain of eyes. The fountains of the eyes, which became gigantic with a light headlight touch, were brought to the position of the carrier of make-up.

Dark lipsticks maintained their indispensable identity this year and continued to be a star piece. Of course, one of the most preferred colors of dark lipsticks, which is seen as the savior of plain make-up, is of course the red lipstick, which has not worn out for years.

New Well Vice Chairman of the Board Yıldırım Hacıabdullahoğlu: “Make-up trends have a dynamic structure that renews itself every year. We are a brand aware that following these trends is directly related to absorbing the dynamism of the trends. Thanks to its wide product range and innovative identity that can catch the agenda, New Well offers consumers who know what they want in make-up a range where they can easily find what they are looking for.” He drew attention to the intersection points of New Well and 2021 make-up trends.

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