New Year's Eve Measures Circular Sent to 81 Provincial Governorships

New Year's Eve Measures Circular Sent to 81 Provincial Governorships

New Year's Eve Measures Circular Sent to 81 Provincial Governorships

Security measures have been increased to the highest level by the Ministry of Interior in order to ensure that our citizens spend New Year's Eve in peace and security. Within the scope of the New Year's measures, 340.351 personnel, 55.466 teams consisting of the Police, Gendarmerie, and Coast Guard will be employed, 769 aircraft, 218 sea vehicles and 588 detector dogs will also be used.

With the signature of Minister Süleyman Soylu, the New Year's Measures Circular containing the security measures was sent to the 81 Provincial Governorships.

In order to increase the effectiveness of these measures and ensure high-level coordination, on Friday, 31 December, our Minister, Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Deputy Ministers, General Director of Security, Gendarmerie General Commander, Coast Guard Commander, Head of Migration Management and other top executives of our ministry will be on the field all over the country.

All provincial governors, district governors, provincial/district police chiefs, provincial/district gendarmerie commanders will be in the provinces/districts where they work and will continue their duties until the first light of the new year. In order to ensure coordination when needed and to follow up the events at the country level instantly, under the chairmanship of our Deputy Minister at the GAMER center of our ministry, the Deputy General Director of the Provincial Administration, Deputy General Director of Security, Deputy General Commander of Gendarmerie and Deputy Commander of the Coast Guard will continue their duties of coordination until the first light of the new year.

In order to spend the New Year's Eve in peace and security, measures will be intensified between 30.12.2021:08.00 on 01.01.2022 and 08.00:XNUMX on XNUMX.

In this context, 6.522 application points were created by the Gendarmerie General Command. A total of 8.164 traffic, 63.871 from other units;

  • 72.035 personnel,
  • 16.429 teams,
  • 674 aircraft and 352 detector dogs will serve.

A total of 7.560 application points, 21.558 traffic, 243.742 from other units, by the General Directorate of Security;

  • 265.300 personnel,
  • 38.741 teams,
  • 86 aircraft,
  • 55 marine vessels and 228 detector dogs will be deployed.

By the Coast Guard Command;

  • 163 floating elements,
  • 9 aircraft,
  • 124 land vehicles,
  • There will be a total of 8 teams and 561 personnel, including 296 detector dogs and 3.016 headquarters/operation center personnel.

Traffic Measures to be Maximized

Traffic crew/teams; On the road routes, the headlamps will be positioned in a constantly lit state so that they can be easily seen by the drivers while cruising. In case of closure of the highway due to precipitation, it will direct vehicles to predetermined alternative routes or rest areas. In order to ensure that our citizens return to their homes in good health, especially after 24.00 on New Year's Eve, alcohol controls in traffic will be emphasized.

Since it is considered that the traffic flow from other provinces to the tourism centers in our provinces where the ski centers are located (such as Bursa-Uludağ, Ankara-Elmadağ, Bolu-Kartalkaya, Kayseri-Erciyes, Çankırı-llgaz, Erzurum-Palandöken, Kars-Sarıkamış) will intensify, additional traffic on the routes providing access to these provinces is expected. measures were taken. In traffic controls, whether there is a technical defect or malfunction in the vehicles, taking into account the winter conditions; Attention will be paid to whether the light equipment is active, and vehicles with any deficiencies will not be allowed to enter the traffic. On the road sections where accidents occur intensively, traffic teams will be assigned in a stationary/cruising condition and with the headlights on. In the event that situations such as icing, heavy snowfall or its type, which may endanger the navigational safety, are detected on the route, necessary measures will be taken without delay, together with other institutions, regarding the condition of the road. Within the scope of the circular sent with 81, security measures in critical facilities will be increased and additional measures will be taken there.

Air Vehicles such as UAVs and Drones and Motorized Teams Will Be Used Effectively

Considering that the members of the terrorist organization are in search of legal/illegal passage to our country, the measures taken at the border line will be increased. Considering that the members of the terrorist organization may carry out actions like IED, the measures taken at the customs gates, especially in our metropolitan cities, will be increased. All necessary elements, especially vehicles, equipment and detector dogs, will be mobilized, and the necessary measures will be taken by the coastal safety units of the Coast Guard Command and the General Directorate of Security in the provinces located by the sea.

Air vehicles and motorized teams such as helicopters, UAVs and drones in the hands of law enforcement units will be used effectively. Effective deterrent measures against migrant smuggling and illegal activities will be continued in the provinces with coastlines, especially with the Coast Guard Command units and other law enforcement agencies.

The year-round struggle to prevent the sale and seizure of drugs, contraband and counterfeit alcoholic beverages, which may pose a great threat to the life safety of our citizens, will be carried out effectively on New Year's Day.

Coranavirus Measures Will Also Be Supervised

Accommodation facilities, entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes, etc., where the density of people may increase due to New Year's programs. Effective, intensive and sustainable inspections will be carried out in places where the "Covid-19 Epidemic Management and Working Guide" prepared by the Ministry of Health's Coronavirus Science Board and the circulars published by our Ministry are complied with.

Within the scope of the New Year's Eve measures, the general principles of the fight against the epidemic, which are the general principles of cleaning, mask use and distance rule, will be followed.

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