600-Year-old Historical Bazaar and Inns Area Unearthed in Bursa

600-Year-old Historical Bazaar and Inns Area Unearthed in Bursa
600-Year-old Historical Bazaar and Inns Area Unearthed in Bursa

With the demolition of 600 buildings surrounding 37-year-old inns in Bursa, the Historical Bazaar and Hanlar District have come to light.

Within the scope of the Historical Bazaar and Hanlar District Çarşıbaşı Urban Design Project, which will 'mark the future of the city' of the Metropolitan Municipality, the demolition of 37 buildings has been completed. Thus, all obstacles between Cemal Nadir Street and historical inns were removed.

Demolition work has been completed in the project that will restore the Historical Bazaar and Inns Area, which started to form in the 14th century in Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and completed its development with the formation of inns, covered bazaars and bazaars in the 16th century, to its former glory. The project of the Metropolitan Municipality, which is also supported by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, started with the demolition of the Kızılay building in August last year. While demolition was carried out in the buildings in 15 parcels with normal expropriations in the first place within the scope of the works, an 'urgent expropriation decision' was taken for the region with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in April, due to the prolongation of the expropriation processes. After this decision, both expropriation and demolition works accelerated. kazanhad been.

37 buildings destroyed

Within the scope of the project, the demolition of 15 buildings was completed in 33 parcels, 48 of which were normal and 37 of them were expropriated urgently. While a total area of ​​5336 square meters was uncovered within the scope of the study; On the one hand, the teams continue the foundation dismantling of the buildings whose demolition has been completed, and on the other hand, the works of transporting the excavation in the region without interruption. The distance covered in the project, which will mark the future of Bursa, is revealed with aerial images taken from the region. The photo taken in August, when the project first started, and the photo taken after the demolitions reveal the transformation in the region. Meanwhile, the process of demolition of the shopping center building in the project area is expected to be completed in January.

worthy of a cultural capital

Reminding that Bursa was declared the '2022 Capital of Culture of the Turkic World' by the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TÜRKSOY), Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that the Historical Bazaar and Inns Area Çarşıbaşı Urban Design Project will further highlight the historical identity of the city. Expressing that the excavation and foundation dismantling of the burned buildings continue, Mayor Aktaş added that they aim to complete the project by the end of next year.

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