20 MM Native Nose Cannon to Atak Helicopter

20 MM Native Nose Cannon to Atak Helicopter
20 MM Native Nose Cannon to Atak Helicopter

Turkey's domestic attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopter Atak will now be stronger with the nose cannon developed with national resources. The 20 mm 3-barrel nose gun will be integrated into Atak in 2022. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank made investigations at the Sarsılmaz Arms Factory and TR Mechatronics Systems in Düzce.

Noting that the first shots of the nose cannon to be used in Atak will begin in 2022, Minister Varank said, “After being integrated into Atak helicopters, we will be able to produce 2022 millimeter nose cannons of Atak helicopters in our country in 20. With the technology we have acquired here, we will be able to produce these balls in many different calibers.” said.

Minister Varank visited TR Mechatronics Systems on the same campus as the Sarsılmaz Arms Factory, Europe's largest integrated weapons production facility located in Düzce 1st Organized Industrial Zone. During the visit hosted by Sarsılmaz Arms Industry Chairman Latif Aral Aliş, Minister Varank was accompanied by Düzce Governor Cevdet Atay and AK Party Provincial Chairman Mustafa Keskin. Minister Varank made examinations at the production facility after the presentation.

Varank said in a statement after his visit to Sarsılmaz:


We are visiting the Sarsılmaz Arms Factory in Düzce. Sarsılmaz Arms Factory is Europe's largest integrated weapons production facility, from military rifles to pistols. I actually visited this place about 4 years ago, but when I came today, I saw how much it has improved with its machinery, automation in production and product variety.


The arms industry has become one of the leading sectors in the world, especially with the increase in exports in Turkey. We have a serious export. In addition to the European market, our companies are currently exporting seriously, especially to the USA. Sarsılmaz is also one of the most important players in this sector, both with the pistols it produces and with the production of infantry rifles ranging from 5,56 to 7,62, which you can see behind me.


As you know, Turkey, from a country that cannot produce its own national infantry rifle, has now become a country that can design, manufacture and export its own weapons completely domestically and nationally.


In addition to the needs of the sector, our companies are now able to manufacture the weapons of our security forces with a higher caliber of 12,7 and above. Of course, one of our most important advantages in the development of the arms industry started with the involvement of the private sector as a serious player in this field. The dynamism of the private sector, the determination of the private sector to occupy a place in the market and its ability to develop products from scratch using its own resources continue to increase Turkey's power.


I was really pleased with what I saw today. Our different companies, such as Sarsılmaz, are also serious players in the sector. We have models that produce with different clusters in different cities. Hopefully, Turkey will become one of the countries that will make a name for itself in the arms industry as well as in other areas of the defense industry in the coming period.

Minister Varank also noted the following after his examinations at TR Mechatronics, a partner company of Sarsılmaz and TAI:


Within the framework of our visit to Sarsılmaz, we also visit TR Mekatronik, the joint company of TUSAŞ and Sarsılmaz. This company is a company established to produce 20 millimeter machine guns, which we call the nose ball, of Atak helicopters. These balls are high precision and export restricted balls. So even when you want to buy them, countries do not sell these balls. Here Sarsılmaz and TAI went together and established a company to produce nose balls locally and nationally.


It is an ongoing project since 2018. We see a prototype next to us. Hopefully, the first shots of these nose guns will start in 2022 and after they are integrated into Atak helicopters, we will be able to produce 2022 millimeter nose guns of Atak helicopters in our country in 20.


This is both in terms of meeting our own needs and has a serious export potential. It is a very important and valuable project both with Atak helicopters and in terms of its own export potential. I congratulate all my fellow engineers working on this project. They really meet one of Turkey's most important needs here, but at the same time, we will be able to produce these guns in much different calibers with the technology we have acquired here. Hopefully, it will also make a serious contribution to Turkey.


Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Sarsılmaz Arms Industry, stated that pistols, military rifles, machine guns and ammunition developed and produced by Sarsılmaz are used by both the Turkish army and the security forces, and said: By producing even better quality products in our factory, we ensure that our money stays in the country and that it is provided at competitive prices. Moreover, we are far ahead of our competitors thanks to the feedback we receive from our security forces using these weapons and our ability to adapt their needs in the field to our products very quickly.”


Noting that they have started to develop the weapons and cannons of the Atak helicopter as TRMekatronik, Sarsılmaz Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aliş, said, “We will deliver the first 30 cannons of the Atak helicopter to be exported next year. Thanks to this product, which will be produced locally and nationally, entirely the product of Turkish engineers, we will prevent foreign exchange payments by responding to the needs of our armed forces, and we will play an effective role in closing the current account deficit with our exports.” he said.


Cengiz Tendürüs, Deputy General Manager of TR Mechatronics, stated that the nose cannon with a rotating barrel makes 750 beats per minute and said, “The cannon, which we have developed entirely with domestic resources, is not subject to any export license. Our prototype production continues. We will start shooting tests in January. We are planning helicopter integration in April and firing tests on helicopters in July.” said.

Tendürüs also underlined that the multi-barreled cannon, which was developed with approximately 250 Turkish engineers, does not have any foreign-dependent parts.


Sarsılmaz exports to 330 countries with more than 81 product types, all of which were developed by Turkish engineers and produced with domestic and national means. Sarsılmaz weapons, which are used by the law enforcement agencies of 23 countries, especially the Turkish Armed Forces and security forces, are designed and developed in the 65 square meter factory in Düzce, which has the first state-approved R&D center. Sarsılmaz employs more than 10 people, 2 percent of whom are engineers. As a result of R&D and P&D studies, Sarsılmaz has 42 trademark registrations, 12 unique designs, 13 patents and 9 utility models.


TR Mekatronik was established with the partnership of Sarsılmaz-TUSAŞ to produce a 20-millimeter rotating barrel weapon system in front of the Atak helicopter. Weapon systems qualification tests will begin after the completion of Turkey's only 200-meter range, built by Sarsılmaz, where underground artillery can also be fired.

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