İnci GS Yuasa Commissioned Its Self-Designed and Produced Machines

İnci GS Yuasa Commissioned Its Self-Designed and Produced Machines
İnci GS Yuasa Commissioned Its Self-Designed and Produced Machines

İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding, the rooted company of the automotive supply industry in Turkey, and the Japanese GS Yuasa, the world's battery giant, broke new ground with its innovative perspective and knowledge on technology. Seven machines designed and produced by İnci GS Yuasa's technical team under the brand name Incineering Technologies were included in the production line.

Some of the machines produced by the Incineering Technologies team with an investment of approximately 3,5 million TL with original design and software do not have equivalents in battery factories in Turkey. It is aimed to increase productivity in production with the new generation machines, which have been realized as a result of ongoing engineering studies and 75% of the machine parts are supplied from domestic suppliers. Continuing to work with the vision of being the most trusted energy storage company for its customers, employees, business partners, suppliers and the environment, İnci GS Yuasa maintains its leading position in the sector with its innovative products and services. The technical team of İnci GS Yuasa undertook the design and production processes of seven different production machines under the Incineering Technologies brand. The opening of the machine line, which was designed by the technical team and started production after all test processes, was held with the participation of İnci GS Yuasa Executive Board Director Cihan Elbirlik, Management Services General Manager Kadir Kaymakçı, Intra-Group Strategic Business Development General Manager Kojiro Shibata and Incineering Technologies project team. The production machines, which were brought to life with an investment of approximately 3,5 million TL, are a first in battery manufacturing in Turkey with their unique design and software features.

Cihan Elbirlik: “Our automation level, which has increased with our new machines, has contributed to our efficiency in production on a large scale”

Cihan Elbirlik, Executive Board Director of İnci GS Yuasa, who stated that they will reinforce the company's leading position in the sector with the new generation machines, which are a product of İnci GS Yuasa's know-how in the field of technology and its innovative perspective, said: . These production machines, implemented by our expert technical team, are a great source of pride for İnci GS Yuasa. While offering our consumers innovative products with advanced technology in every vehicle segment, we have moved to a different stage by designing and manufacturing our own machines. The line we have created with our new machines will support our production potential, contribute to our growth and increase our automation level, providing benefits in areas such as more efficient production, delivery speed and technical independence. In addition, we think that GS Yuasa will create a potential for cooperation in meeting the needs of companies in different countries.” made statements.

5 percent of 60-Year Investment is in Technology

Evaluating the point İnci GS Yuasa has reached in terms of R&D investments, Elbirlik said: “We keep developing our batteries with the highest quality standard and customer satisfaction at the center of our business. For this reason, we attach great importance to our R&D investments. We made 60 percent of our total investment in the field of technology in five years. We are working to become the reference point of quality in our sector by bringing our technology to the highest level with sustainable investments and improving our processes.”

“75% of the parts used in machine production are from our domestic suppliers”

Cihan Elbirlik, who said that Incineering Technologies machines are worked on by foreseeing many details at all stages from the design process to the production stage, underlined that 75% of the parts such as mechanism, chassis and panel in machine manufacturing are supplied from domestic suppliers. Elbirlik defined the inclusion of high standard products of domestic suppliers in the machinery manufacturing journey of Incineering Technologies as a very valuable synergy.

İnci GS Yuasa Breaks Again to the Sector Kazannagged

Inci GS Yuasa, the founder of the first R&D center in the industry on battery technologies in Turkey and the locomotive brand İnci Akü, and the first company in the industry to be accepted into the Turquality program, added new ones to its list. Expressing that for the first time, they have been manufacturing machinery in standards covering a wide range of products including passenger car, light commercial and heavy vehicle batteries, Elbirlik also gave information about the developed machines: “Within the scope of the project, special machinery, software and mechanisms, which have no equivalent in Turkey, were manufactured. Automation work was carried out on all Incineering Technologies machines with a unique and simple design, servo motor automatic adjustment feature, ProfiNET communication system, Wi-fi control and IO-Link technology. Thanks to the machines talking to each other, product tracking can be done instantly and all the desired data can be collected quickly. This gives us the opportunity to have a fast and error-free process. Our Hotmelt and Laser Coding machines are not equivalent in Turkey with their original design and equipment. I believe that our innovations such as the first Battery Sealing machine developed by our expert technical team in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards and the Pole Head Measuring Machine with a completely original design have taken İnci GS Yuasa to a different point in the world of digitalization.” İnci GS Yuasa brought a breath of fresh air to the battery industry with the production of Incineering Technologies machines, while also adopting an environmentally friendly policy. In İnci GS Yuasa's new generation production machines, 2% less energy consumption was achieved compared to standard motors, thanks to the selection of high energy efficient motors, taking into account the environmental impact. 1.716 tons of CO2 emissions have been prevented, and this value corresponds to the carbon that 3,5 acres of trees hold in 1 year. With the current savings plan and this operation, it is aimed to consume 3,991 Kwh less energy per year for all machines. The project, which was implemented with a significant R&D investment, work, strategy and time, is expected to produce much larger productions in the future.

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