Energy Storage Has Been Opened

Energy Storage Has Been Opened

Energy Storage Has Been Opened

Merus Power Turkey Sales Manager, Elvan Aygün, explained the benefits of the energy storage systems to be installed according to the published specification, and underlined the importance of the adequacy of the company that will provide the service.

Merus Power Turkey Sales Manager Elvan Aygün, who gave information about the technical specification published by TEİAŞ on connecting Electricity Storage Facilities to the Grid, stated that the development of energy storage systems is very important in terms of paving the way for renewable energy sources and shortening the amortization period of investments.


Elvan Aygün, who gave information about the technical criteria published on Connecting Electricity Storage Facilities to the Grid prepared by TEİAŞ; “As you know, energy storage systems are increasing in importance day by day in the world and are becoming an important element in providing system flexibility. It is very pleasing to have such a regulation published in this field in our country. Two of the striking points among these criteria are the obligation to meet the limits set for energy quality problems and the areas to be served. Energy quality problems cause many direct or indirect losses. Using these problems for preventive purposes will have positive economic effects both for transmission and distribution companies and for the end user. If we look at the areas where energy storage systems will serve; It has been stated that it will be used to ensure flexibility in the frequency control market, to prevent the troublesome situations in the process of re-commissioning the inactive systems or the enterprises that interrupt production, not to affect the network, and many points such as system capacities, connection types and monitoring were mentioned.


Evaluating the energy storage systems in terms of the contributions they will provide to the grid and the enterprises with energy storage systems; “The basic expectation from the electric power system is; It is economical, high quality, reliable and continuous. If we examine the contributions it will make to the network, it can be thought that first of all, network operators will be relieved to ensure system reliability and flexibility. Effective solutions can be obtained for situations that affect reliability, such as balancing supply and demand and preventing the problems caused by peak conditions. With the specified capacity amounts, it can be thought that this is one of the aims of TEİAŞ. On the other hand, for ESSs installed in enterprises, saving from additional income and additional loss costs arising from energy quality problems or, when an ESS integrated with production is considered, the cases where the energy produced can be stored for domestic needs or sold to the grid can be shown as positive effects. In other words, we can say that with these technical criteria, we are entering a period where additional income doors will be opened for businesses and network operators will be relieved in terms of reliability and flexibility.”

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