The Exhibition Telling the Sorrowful Farewell of Mournful Istanbul Starts at Atatürk Museum

Three Days Without Sleep: Istanbul Saying Goodbye to Atatürk Exhibition
Three Days Without Sleep: Istanbul Saying Goodbye to Atatürk Exhibition

The exhibition, which tells the sad farewell of bereaved Istanbul, started to welcome its visitors at the Atatürk Museum. The exhibition 'Three Days of Sleepless: Istanbul Farewells Atatürk', which is about the funeral ceremony held for the farewell of the people of Istanbul to the Great Leader, will continue to be shown until December 10.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Directorate of Libraries and Museums opened a special exhibition on the 83rd anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's death. The 'Three Days of Sleepless Days: Istanbul's Farewell to Atatürk' exhibition, which started to be shown on November 10, begins with the ceremonies at the Dolmabahçe Palace Ceremony Hall on November 16, 1938. After the three-day farewell of the people of Istanbul, Ata's body was moved to Sarayburnu on November 19, 1938, and ended with the farewell to Ankara. The exhibition, which reflects the great grief of the Turkish people, will host its visitors at the Atatürk Museum until 10 December.

Women, children and Istanbulites of all ages attended the farewell ceremony held for three days, which was the subject of the exhibition. Crowds formed in the streets. 600 thousand people attended the funeral cortege in which Istanbul spilled on the streets. With the flowers thrown into the sea from the Yavuz Battleship and the cannons thrown at intervals, Atatürk said goodbye to Istanbul and to his Ata in Istanbul. In the exhibition 'Three Days Without Sleep: Istanbul Saying Goodbye to Atatürk', this mourning journey is told to the visitors with special selections.


On November 16, 1938, Atatürk's body was placed in the great ceremonial hall of Dolmabahçe Palace on a catafalk covered by the Turkish Flag. Turkish people flocked to Dolmabahçe to pay their last respect to Atatürk. The city, which said goodbye to its ancestor for three days, was on its feet before dawn on 19 November 1938, the day of farewell. Ata's body, which was transported to the Yavuz Battleship in Sarayburnu that day, was sent off on its last voyage to Ankara.

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