YALMAN Integrated Kaplan STA Tests Begin

YALMAN Integrated Kaplan STA Tests Begin
YALMAN Integrated Kaplan STA Tests Begin

According to the information obtained by Defense Turk at the IKA ART event held at FNSS facilities, the verification tests and deliveries of the Roketsan YALMAN/KMC weapon system integrated Kaplan STA will begin in late 2021 or 2022. Although Roketsan has been working on integration for a while, there was a delay of nearly 19 year in the project due to the Covid-1 pandemic.

YALMAN/KMC and KAPLAN-10 with integrated Electro Optic on the mast were showcased on August 2020. YALMAN/KMC, which has 2 UMTAS and 4 CİRİT (in a pod) on it, was also exhibited at IDEF'21.

YALMAN/KMC weapon system developed by Roketsan; It has a modular structure that can be applied to land and sea platforms and allows the use of different ammunition in the same tower. YALMAN/KMC, which is currently used in the ULAQ unmanned sea vehicle and integrated into the Burak class corvettes for test purposes; It will be able to use OMTAS, UMTAS, CİRİT and SUNGUR missiles. In addition, work continues on the integration of a 7.62mm machine gun into the weapon system.

YALMAN/KMC stands out as a special solution developed for launching Laser and Infrared Imaging Seeker (IIR) guided missiles with its high mobility, 360° rotation feature and stabilized turret system that can be controlled from within the vehicle.

Thanks to its stabilized turret, the KMC Weapon System, which provides the ability to shoot on the move up to 40 km/h, offers the user a high hit capability up to 8 km range. In addition, with the mast-mounted electro-optical system that comes with it, it can carry out reconnaissance and surveillance activities from behind the suture up to a range of 20 km.

Compared to the existing UKTK, which is lighter and has a lower payload, YALMAN/KMC can be seen as a solution that benefits more from the potential for palletized platforms with higher payloads such as KAPLAN-10. In addition to its higher firepower, the simultaneous use of different types of missiles and the ability to add new weapons to the system from time to time, and its integration into different platforms put it in a different position in terms of modularity and operational flexibility.

Source: defenceturk

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