What is Leverage? How to Make a Leveraged Transaction?

Olive Markets
Olive Markets

Most of the traders who want to earn returns in the Forex market what is leverage, how to make leveraged transactions she wonders. New entrants to the market must first understand forex, attend forex trainings and practice trading a lot.

Forex not only provides investors with greater returns than other markets, but also carries greater risks. For this reason, investors should have a good grasp of the market and trading conditions before trading with leverage. Most forex companies for this demo account offers the option. Thanks to the demo account, investors can trade without worrying about losing their money and experience the market conditions with peace of mind.

Well lever Is it possible to earn income with it? How is leveraged trading done?

How to Make a Leveraged Transaction?

Most of the Forex traders open accounts to benefit from leveraged transactions. Because leverage, as the name suggests, is a system that enables you to make greater profits with less capital.

Thanks to this system, investors can open tens or even hundreds of times their current savings.

Leverage rates may vary from broker to brokerage house. Some forex companies offer average leverage ratios such as 1:300, 1:500, while others offer high leverage ratios such as 1:1000, 1:2000.

Of course, no matter how much leverage the forex companies offer, investors can trade as much as they want.

So which forex companies offer the highest leverage? You can check the list below.

Highest Leverage Forex Companies List

Some investors like to trade with high leverage. For this reason, some forex companies offer advantageous trading conditions in order to gather investors within themselves. High leverage rates, low spread advantage are some of them.

If you like to trade with high leverage, you can choose one of the reliable forex companies below.


FXTM highest lever It is one of the forex companies that offers. Investors who open an account with the firm can use leverage up to 1:1000. In addition, it is increasing its investor base day by day with the low spread advantage it offers and the lower limit of opening an account of only 5 dollars.

One of the most important aspects when opening a forex account is to choose reliable forex companies. FXTM is one of the companies that has proven itself in terms of reliability with its CySEC, FCA, FSB, IFSC licenses. The only negative feature about FXTM; Does not offer Turkish support. Investors who will make this a problem should know from the beginning.

2. XM Forex

XM Forex is another company that enables high leverage transactions. The Southern Cyprus-based firm is one of the brokerage houses that has proven itself in the sector with its ASiC, CySEC, FCA, FSP licenses. It has been operating in this field for many years.

XM Forex While giving its investors the opportunity to use leverage up to 1:888, it also reduces transaction costs with the low spread rates it offers. Moreover, the lower limit for opening an account with the company is only 5 dollars.

At the same time, XM Forex company also provides Turkish language support.

3. Olive Markets

One of the most loved and preferred forex companies in the forex market; Olive Markets. The fact that it is authorized by both its authority in the industry and the GLOFSA license is quite enough to prove that it is reliable.

This company offers special bonus campaigns for new investors. maximum leverage 1:300. However, since the spread rates are far below the industry average, investors can make a profit much faster.

Olive Markets The minimum limit for opening an account with a forex company is 100 dollars. It is possible to start trading immediately after depositing this amount. The firm also has the title of being the most advanced brokerage house in the forex market in terms of Turkish support.

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