Ways to Increase Breast Milk

Ways to Increase Breast Milk
Ways to Increase Breast Milk

📩 27/11/2021 13:38

Breast milk is very important for a healthy life. In some cases, the lack of breast milk makes families very uneasy. Especially in preterm births, babies in intensive care stay away from their mothers and cannot get enough breast milk. Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about ways to increase breast milk.

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül stated that it is necessary to avoid corn flakes, excessive amounts of floury foods, parsley and mint for breast milk, and stated that the consumption of large amounts of tea and coffee also affects the formation of milk negatively. Özgönül found answers to questions such as how to increase breast milk and how to increase breast milk.


Breakfast: A mother should definitely have breakfast. There is a very wrong belief in society that sugary drinks and foods increase breast milk. Since sugary drinks and sweets prevent the absorption of healthy foods, on the contrary, they cause disruptions in milk production. For breakfast, 1 dried fig or 1 teaspoon of molasses is good because it contains iron. You can also drink 1 glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. Apart from these, cheese, eggs, olives, greens and other breakfast products should be eaten as much as there is appetite and desire. Corn flakes, too much floury foods, parsley and mint should be avoided. Drinking too much tea and coffee in between also affects milk production negatively, instead it is very healthy to increase water consumption like other animals that have given birth in nature.

Lunch: Let's prefer pot dishes that are easy to digest and have high nutritional value, vegetable dishes with meat, and olive oil dishes. Let's especially prefer vegetable dishes such as spinach, chard, collard greens, green beans, which have a high water content, and lettuce salad in large quantities with every meal will be very good. Let's just stay away from parsley and mint, which are sometimes said to reduce milk production, as well as fried foods and high-fat, floury and sugary foods.

Dinner: I recommend that you stay away from legumes, raw vegetables such as fruit and salad, which are especially difficult to digest and can disrupt our sleep patterns and cause gas. The ideal of the evening is to start with soup and then end the day with a light vegetable meal cooked until our hunger subsides.

Noting that the body is most comfortable, all the nutrients it needs are taken into the body rhythmically, Özgönül said, "Just like skipping meals, long hunger periods, giving new food without digesting it, giving foods with low nutritional value in infant nutrition, these rules are also in the mother's diet. valid”.

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