Volkswagen ID Model Family Expands With ID.5

volkswagen id model family expands with id
volkswagen id model family expands with id

After ID.3 and ID.4, Volkswagen is expanding its electric model family with ID.5. The e-SUV coupe model ID.5, which will be one of the important models of Volkswagen in its journey to become a software-oriented brand, offers drivers maximum comfort and user experience with the latest technological and over-the-air-update systems.

Offering a range of up to 520 km suitable for long-distance driving, the ID.5 is offered to the market with two power options: 174 PS Pro2 with rear-wheel drive or 204 PS Properformance3. The most powerful version of the family, the ID.5 GTX, completes 299-0 km/h acceleration in 100 seconds with 6,3 PS all-wheel drive power option.

The ID.5 stands out as a new generation SUV model with premium standards to be produced based on the brand's MEB (modular electric platform) technology. The model has a strong character and ID. combines the qualities of its family in a design that is as elegant and unique as it is impressive. Thanks to its pioneering systems, new infotainment and support systems and advanced platform, the ID.5 has a very large interior space. ID.5 is also fully connected and developed in accordance with the over-the-air updates system.

Sustainable transport ecosystem

Like the ID.3 and ID.4 models, the ID.5, which is produced in the Zwickau factory in Germany, is carbon-neutral. If the vehicle is charged with green energy or IONITY's fast charging network, it continues to be used with almost zero emissions. Volkswagen aims to reduce carbon emissions per vehicle by 2030 percent by 40 as the first vehicle manufacturer to support the expansion of renewable energy. The brand aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 within the framework of its “Way to Zero” strategy.

Electrical efficiency meets elegance

With its flowing, natural design, the ID.5 leaves an ultra-modern, powerful and elegant impression. The roofline runs gracefully along the body, lowers to the rear and turns into a functional spoiler. The long-range ID.5 achieves a friction coefficient of 77 to ensure that the energy stored in the 0,26 kWh battery is used as efficiently as possible.

3.0 software generation and over-the-air updates

The ID.5 and ID.5 GTX are equipped with new hardware and a completely new 3.0 software generation. In this way, software updates and additional functions can be transferred via the remote update system. In this way, the tool is always up to date. Travel Assist is activated at the push of a button and combines different driving assistance systems, including new functions.

Intelligent use of space

Despite its compact dimensions, the car offers a large and spacious interior. With a length of 4,60 meters and a wheelbase of 2,77 meters, the ID.5 has as wide a range of uses as a high-end SUV. Despite the dynamic coupe design roofline, it offers ample headroom and spaciousness for rear seat passengers. High-quality materials complete the interior, which draws attention with a modern and comfortable design theme. Depending on the position of the rear seats, the trunk volume varies between 549 and 1.561 liters.

Two screens and online voice control

All controls and controls in the ID.5's cockpit are gathered on two 12-inch screens, one behind the steering wheel and the other in the center console. The display in front of the driver can be controlled via the multifunction steering wheel. The infotainment screen in the middle is touch-controlled. There is also a voice command control function that takes advantage of the "Cloud" data with an internet connection and is activated with the "Hello ID" command.

Color Additional Information Display “Head Up Display” with augmented reality

Volkswagen offers an advanced technology option in ID.5 with its augmented reality color additional information screen “head-up display” (HUD). The system blends the contents with the real life environment. For example, navigation arrows are projected onto the windshield to appear approximately 10 meters in front of the vehicle within the driver's field of view for the most realistic display of information.

Advanced lighting technology

The ID.5 is equipped with the most modern lighting technologies both inside and outside. When the driver approaches the vehicle with his key, the headlights and taillights turn on and the projectors in the mirrors are ID. reflects his family's 'fingerprint' on the floor. The latest IQ.LIGHT LED technology is used in both headlights and taillights. Lighting also plays an important role in the interior of the vehicle. The ambient lighting in the ceiling, instrument panel, doors and footwell can be adjusted in different colors according to the user's preference. One of the unique elements of ID.5's lighting concept is ID.Light. ID. Light tells you whether the vehicle is ready to drive, which direction it should turn according to navigation, or whether the battery is charged. ID. Light warns the driver of potential risks, for example when there are vehicles in the blind spot or when the traffic in front of the vehicle slows down rapidly.

Three different power options

Volkswagen's e-SUV coupe model will be offered to the market with three engine options. In the ID.174 Pro with 5 PS and the ID.204 Pro Performance with 5 PS, an electric motor located at the back comes into play. The ID.5 GTX has two electric motors, one at the front and one at the back. The dual-motor all-wheel drive system produces 299 PS and accelerates the flagship of the family from 0 to 100 km/h in 6,3 seconds, allowing a top speed of 180 km/h.

All ID.5 engine options are equipped with a high-capacity battery that can store 77 kWh of energy (net). This allows the ID.5 Pro and ID.5 Pro Performance versions to reach a projected range of up to 520 km (WLTP). The battery area located under the passenger compartment brings the center of gravity closer to the ground, while balancing the load distribution between the front and rear axles. The flagship of the family, the all-wheel drive ID.5 GTX, has a predicted range of 480 km (WLTP). The ID.5 models can be charged at DC (direct current) fast charging stations up to 135 kW. According to WLTP, it can store energy for 30 km in ID.5 and 390 km in ID.5 GTX in 320 minutes at fast charging stations.

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