The First Step of University-Industry Collaboration Has Been Taken

The first step of university-industry cooperation was taken
The first step of university-industry cooperation was taken

Activities for University-Industry cooperation continue increasingly at the Aegean Young Business People's Association. It has previously signed a cooperation protocol with Dokuz Eylül University. EGİAD finally met with DEPARK and DETTO.

Within the scope of Dokuz Eylul University's TUBITAK Project, DETTO, which provides services with the aim of developing public/university/industry cooperation, as well as DEPARK, an ecosystem in which academic, economic and social structure is integrated, and industrialists bring together EGİADset a good example for university-industry cooperation.

Today, DEPARK General Manager, which hosts more than 100 R&D companies and more than 1000 R&D personnel, Prof. Dr. Özgür Özçelik and DETTO TGB1 Coordinator Prof. Dr. Many industrialists attended the meeting, which was attended by Hasan Selim.

Acting to contribute to the development of local and national development-oriented entrepreneurship with R&D and innovation-based projects and collaborations, EGİAD's meeting was hosted by Deputy Chairman Frederic Pagy. Moderated by the Secretary General Prof. Dr. In the event held by Fatih Dalkılıç; It was underlined that universities can act together on thesis, project, scientific research and internship, and it was stated that importance was given to the continuity of mutual information flow.

Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) are of great importance

Speaking at the meeting EGİAD Vice President Frederic Pagy stated that the first practices and initiatives focused on university and industry cooperation, which are known in the world and have a meaningful response in the literature, emerged in the United States and said, “The USA has such an important and great place today, especially in the context of technology and innovation. The projects, programs, initiatives and regulations that the USA initiated much earlier and even for the first time, when compared to other countries in the context of cooperation with universities and industrialists, have been effective. 'Technology Transfer Offices' (TTO) have a special place in the ecosystem of R&D, innovation and technological transformation in Turkey. TTOs; It plays a leading role in the commercialization of R&D and innovations. With the establishment and activation of TTOs, academic research results in universities began to be commercialized efficiently and quickly. Between TTOs, universities, research centers, the private sector; It is positioned between researchers and entrepreneurs and tries to provide necessary and needed connections with investors and industrialists. TTOs, which bring industrialists and investors together with researchers and are pioneers in transferring know-how to the industry; It also operates in the fields of informing, coordinating, directing research, encouraging the establishment of new R&D companies, developing cooperation, protecting, marketing and selling intellectual property rights, and managing revenues from the sale of intellectual property.

EGİAD Stating that they closely monitor the change and transformation in the ecosystem in order to create, protect and improve competitiveness, Pagy said, “EGİAD We believe that it is very important to strengthen the ecosystem in order to determine the future of the market in the technology field. I would like to state that we want to do our part in taking the necessary actions for this.”

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