Turkey Meets with Pakistan for Space Port

Turkey Meets With Pakistan for Space Port
Turkey Meets With Pakistan for Space Port

Turkish Space Agency (TUA) President Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım; He talked about Turkey's space studies at the conference held at the Strategic Thinking Institute (SDE). President Yıldırım shared the duties, studies, mission and objectives of the Turkish Space Agency, which was established 2 years ago. Publication of the Institute for Strategic Thinking (SDE) You can watch it by clicking here.

President Yıldırım stated in his statements that the most important deficiency in the field of space studies is human resources and said, “We need manpower trained in the field of space. said. Emphasizing that this is the case with 270 thousand experts in the USA, he said that the number does not exceed a thousand in Turkey, and that they are working with universities.

TUA President Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım; Referring to the "Space Port" target in the National Space Program, he said that the equivalent of the spaceport in the world is airports and the English name is "spaceport". He added that Turkey's geographical conditions are not suitable, but Pakistan is very willing to realize the spaceport project with Turkey. He also stated that work on this issue is ongoing.

President Yildirim; About TÜRKSAT 5B and space law

“Currently, Turkey has 4 satellites. We will send our fifth satellite at the end of the year, TÜRKSAT 5B will be launched at the end of the year. There are many satellites in space; There are many satellites for intelligence, for climate, satellites that watch underground. Starlink aims to send 12 thousand satellites just for communication.

An ever-expanding range of studies are underway in a very wide area in space. The traffic of tens of thousands of satellites in space, etc. important. There may be problems in the provision of this traffic in the future, and space law may be needed to solve these problems… NATO has declared space as an operational area. Some work is being done for the future. It is important to establish space law for the solution of all kinds of problems that may occur in space.

He made statements.

“The Turkish astronaut who will go to the space station will be a scientist”

Including the issue of Turkish astronauts going to space in his statements, President Yıldırım said, “We will realize this astronaut mission with international cooperation. We will work with SpaceX from the USA or Soyuz from Russia, negotiations are ongoing for this. Hopefully we will finish it this year. Astronaut training is completed in 7 months, the company we will deal with will give us the criteria, and we will make our astronaut selection in 2022. We will choose not 1 but 2 astronauts. They will get their education. We wanted to go as a backup in case of an illness etc. Our more successful candidate will be sent into space. Our astronaut will be able to stay in space for at least a week. While we are in space, we want to conduct scientific experiments and research there. Therefore, the astronaut candidate to go will be a scientist. Of course, it must be someone who is physically fit. These will be completed by the end of 2022.” He announced that the Turkish astronaut will be selected as a backup in 2022.

President Yildirim; In his speech, he also included the works of DeltaV Space Technologies and said, “There is a DeltaV company that we support, which develops our hybrid engine. We went up to the hundred kilometer limit using that engine. We expect it to pass the 100km, which will be another test.” He gave the signal for a new launch.

NS; He stated that the 3 budget of the 2021 Billion 1 Million TL TUA announced by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank on November 890, 2022 at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee will be used for the targets of "Moon Mission" and "Turkish Astronaut".

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