Turkish Armed Forces Breaks Terror Nests With Claw Series Operations

Turkish Armed Forces Breaks Terror Nests With Claw Series Operations
Turkish Armed Forces Breaks Terror Nests With Claw Series Operations

The Claw-Lightning and Claw-Lightning operations launched simultaneously in April against terrorist targets in northern Iraq continue with determination.

With the ongoing operations in Metina and Avaşin-Basyan regions, Mehmetçik enters the caves used by terrorists one by one, despite the difficult terrain conditions, and clears the area from terrorists.

As a result of the series of operations, 831 terrorists have been neutralized so far. Commandos seized 1281 weapons of various types and sizes and 316 thousand 46 ammunition used by terrorists, and rendered 1407 caves and shelters unusable. Mehmetçik also destroyed 1812 handmade explosives prepared for use in various attacks by terrorists.


Hero Mehmetçik continues to enter the caves, which are determined to be used by terrorists in the region, one by one. After taking the necessary security measures, our commandos, who enter the caves through very narrow tunnels, control the "rooms" there one by one.

The caves, where there are many materials from weapons and ammunition to electronic goods, are destroyed and rendered unusable.


Every phase of the operations carried out is planned in detail. Regions determined in the light of intelligence information obtained from many sources are examined in detail by domestic and national production unmanned aerial vehicles.

With the help of the images transferred from the UAVs, the possible shelter areas of the terrorists, the landing places of the helicopters in the operation to be carried out, the targets to be hit with the aircraft and fire support vehicles are determined one by one.

Helicopters supported by attack helicopters and containing commando units are dispatched to the areas hit by fire support vehicles. The commandos deployed to the region advance in areas that the terrorists say "inaccessible" and destroy the caves used by the terrorist organization one by one.

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