Turkish Films Stumble on Management and Coordination Barriers on Their Journey to Hollywood

Turkish Films Are Stuck in Management and Coordination on Their Journey to Hollywood
Turkish Films Are Stuck in Management and Coordination on Their Journey to Hollywood

Filmmaker Nur Mehmet Munar, who introduced the concept of innovation to Turkish cinema with his 5 years of R&D studies, said, “Million-dollar productions in Turkey cannot compete with Hollywood because they cannot be managed well. We can become the star of the world film industry by blending our green pine with the quality of Hollywood and the taste of Bollywood.”

The Turkish cinema industry, which has competed with Hollywood in recent years through its giant film plateaus and studios, is preparing to go beyond the ocean with its successful productions. Famous film producer Nur Mehmet Munar, who found the way to save Turkish cinema from foreign dependency in R&D, by receiving education in the United States, said, “During the trainings, I saw very clearly that Turkish cinema could not compete with Hollywood due to its management and coordination problems. However, we have very successful productions that can compete with Hollywood. We are the 2nd country in the world in TV series exports. Our TV series are watched fondly by a wide audience in almost 200 countries of the world, with their features containing multiple emotions and themes. Why shouldn't our films compete with Hollywood with the same success?” said.

Projects that will make a sound in Hollywood are on the way

Emphasizing that it is not a dream to bring Turkish films to Hollywood quality, Nur Mehmet Munar said, “Our very successful productions cannot be carried across the ocean due to management and coordination barriers. With the trainings I received in America, I increased my competencies and equipment. Projects that will make an impact in Hollywood will now be carried out in Turkey," he claimed.

The way to become a world giant is through good education

Commenting on the education he received in the USA, the producer said, “Cinema education in Hollywood is handled much more comprehensively than in Turkey. In the trainings, the production, management and coordination stages of the film are covered under separate headings. These trainings have a great share in the basis of Hollywood being a world giant.”

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