TÜRASAŞ Lost 9 Million TL in 109 Months

TÜRASAŞ Lost 9 Million TL in 109 Months
TÜRASAŞ Lost 9 Million TL in 109 Months

It has been revealed that Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry Inc. (TÜRASAŞ), whose Board of Directors is composed of bureaucrats who transferred from IMM to TCDD, made a loss of 9 million TL in 109 months. The locomotive factory TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir, the freight wagon factory TÜDEMSAŞ in Sivas and the passenger wagon factory TÜVASAŞ in Sakarya were merged last year and its management was transferred to TÜRASAŞ.

T24's Eray Görgülü to the news by; While the central organization of the company, which was established with the Presidential decision published on March 3, 2020, was established in Ankara, regional directorates were also established in the cities of Eskişehir, Sakarya and Sivas.

The entire administration was transferred to the ministry.

According to the Public Enterprises Report published by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, it was revealed that the company incurred a loss of 109 million TL within nine months of its establishment. According to the report, the company performed 2020 locomotive maintenance, repairs and revisions, 33 freight wagon repairs, 86 diesel engine repairs, 10 ​​traction motors and 48 traction motors in 161.

It is noteworthy that all of the names on the board of directors of the company, which signed a loss of 109 million TL in nine months, were assigned to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for a period and transferred to TCDD after the local elections on March 31, 2019.

The President was a manager at Metro AŞ.

Mustafa Metin Yazar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜRASAŞ, was a manager at Metro Istanbul A.Ş., a company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, between 1996-2019. The author left his post in Metro Istanbul and transferred to TCDD after the IMM passed from AKP to CHP in the March 31 elections. İrfan İşpir, another member of the Board of Directors, was also working at Metro AŞ, just like Mustafa Metin Yazar. Member of the Board of Directors, Murat Baştor, started to work in the Transportation Coordination Directorate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation in 2005 and served as a manager in the subsidiaries of IMM. In addition to being a member of the TÜRASAŞ Board of Directors, Baştor serves as the General Manager of Transport Services Regulation at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

BTK President is also in the administration

Among the board members of the company is Information Technologies Authority (BTK) Chairman Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu. Like other administrators, Karagözoğlu also served in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for a while. Karagözoğlu, who worked as a software engineer at İSKİ between 2002-2004, left the municipality in 2016 and joined the BTK as a consultant. Aksoy, who worked as a manager at ISBAK and Halk Ekmek during the AKP period, also worked as a researcher at the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency in 2015. Another board member, Enver Mamur, started at İBB in 1994 as a control engineer. Appointed as the Construction Manager of the IMM Department of Science Affairs in 2014, Mamur was appointed to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments at the beginning of 2020.

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  1. Unqualified managers assigned to tcdd and its subsidiaries. If it harms the workplace, why are those who do not have a job to be appointed?