They Pedaled Goodness With Toyota

They Pedaled Goodness With Toyota
They Pedaled Goodness With Toyota

The “Velotürk Gran Fondo” race was held in Çeşme with the participation of 21 amateur and professional athletes from 1501 countries. In this race, in which Toyota participated with its social responsibility approach, the “Toyota Hybrid” stage witnessed a fierce struggle.

Toyota, which started a “great change and transformation” in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world, supported the Velotürk Gran Fondo race within the framework of its “Mobil You are Free” approach.

In the Velotürk Gran Fondo Çeşme race, where Toyota took part in the “Toyota Hybrid” stage, bicycles were distributed to children in need in order to support the “If a Child Smiles, the World Smiles” social responsibility project. In the organization held in Çeşme for the 5th time this year, the bicycles purchased from the Toyota Hybrid stage participants and sponsors were given as gifts to children in need.

While the 63 kilometers long “Toyota Hybrid” and 110 kilometers long track witnessed fierce competition, 807 athletes competed on the Toyota Hybrid track. In addition, 9 visually impaired and 14 paralympic athletes had the opportunity to compete in the organization. Being a good partner with the Velotürk group, Toyota also participated in the race with its own team.

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