Machinery and Metal Sector Meetings Meeting in Tekirdağ

Machinery and Metal Sector Meetings Meeting in Tekirdağ

Machinery and Metal Sector Meetings Meeting in Tekirdağ

“Industry and Technology Cooperation Board (SANTEK) Machinery and Metal Sector Meetings” meeting was held in cooperation with Çorlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tekirdağ Provincial Directorate of Industry and Technology and Trakya Development Agency.

Meeting; It started with the opening speeches of Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede, Thrace Development Agency General Secretary Mahmut Şahin, Tekirdağ Provincial Director of Industry and Technology Fahrettin Akçal.

After the opening speeches, Ümit Yasin Güven, Head of Department of the General Directorate of Industry; Presentation on the Machinery-Metal sector, Head of Department of the Ministry of Energy Salih Sarı, presentation of Nuclear Energy Investments,

Belpiko Aerospace Technologies R&D Ltd. Sti. Representative Tayfun Bel R&D studies presentation,

Ares Shipyard Officer Onur Yılmaz, Aselsan A.Ş. Official Yusuf Gürhan Öztaş, İçdaş A.Ş. Official Kamil Bülent Erkan, Titan 2-İçtaş (Nuclear Power Plant) Officer Evren Kepti, Türasaş Sakarya Regional Directorate Officer Cemil Uslu and Türasaş Eskişehir Regional Directorate Officer Abdulkerim Baran made their presentations.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of our Chamber, İzzet Volkan, the President of the Assembly Erdim Noyan and the Industrialists of our Region participated in the Machinery and Metal Sector Meetings of the Industry and Technology Cooperation Board (SANTEK).

In order to develop our national defense industry, the industrialists of our region met with the leaders of the sector. The meeting ended after B2B meetings with Technology Companies.

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