Benefit FULLY from SSI's Employment Incentives with TamIncentive

Benefit FULLY from SSI's Employment Incentives with TamIncentive
Benefit FULLY from SSI's Employment Incentives with TamIncentive

With the TamTesvik software, all businesses, regardless of sector and scale, calculate exactly how much profit they will gain by taking advantage of SGK's different employment incentives. "Full Incentive", a software service that will benefit all companies, whether they have one employee or thousands of employees, analyzes the employees one by one according to the active incentives they are suitable for, and automatically selects the incentive items that the personnel can benefit from different laws from the highest amount to the lowest amount with an intelligent software algorithm. calculating. Thus, businesses quickly become aware of the benefits they can gain from the SSI incentives in different laws and practices of the state, and when each employee makes the SSI declaration, they pay less SSI premiums by specifying the incentive law article in the declaration. Within the scope of the relevant incentive, the state covers a certain part of the employee's SSI premium on behalf of the employer.

TamTesvik “smart software algorithm” calculates SSI incentives

In TamTesvik, incentive items for different business lines, within the scope of different laws and practices, are displayed instantly with accurate results, quickly and reliably, thanks to the smart software algorithm. In particular, medium and large-scale companies with hundreds of employees can instantly see the incentive items that all their employees will benefit from, thanks to the TamTesvik software service, instead of examining for hours which incentives can be benefited from SSI's site one by one for each of their employees. Thus, the workload and loss of time in businesses are reduced. Especially, managers have a more efficient and contributing time management thanks to TamEncouragement.

Don't miss the time with Full Incentive, make full use of the incentives and get the benefit

In business, accurate calculation and time are much more important now. Thanks to the TamTesvik software, businesses can instantly calculate the incentive amounts, report them to SGK, and thus save money because they pay less SGK premiums. In other words, the losses that may arise from underestimated employment incentives also come to an end.

The advantages of the TamIncentive application are:

  • Businesses analyze all incentives easily and quickly with one click and calculate them exactly.
  • Thanks to the "smart software algorithm" in the application, all employees are analyzed one by one according to the incentive law they are eligible for, and the incentives are calculated from the highest amount to the lowest amount.
  • TamTeşvik, which adapts quickly to current and renewed legislation, provides businesses with up-to-date information on all current and new SSI incentives thanks to its expert team.
  • The expert team that manages the TamTesvik software can provide consultancy services to businesses on SSI incentive legislation and other issues.
  • The application is used quickly and easily by businesses with its user-friendly screens and menus.

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