What Will Driverless Vehicles Bring to Our Lives?

What Will Driverless Vehicles Bring to Our Lives?
What Will Driverless Vehicles Bring to Our Lives?

Technologies that complete the given tasks with minimum error with the help of different sensors and perception technologies on them without the need for human intervention and have the ability to make their own decisions are called autonomous systems. The flagship sector of autonomous systems, which has gained momentum due to technological developments and digital transformation, is automotive. There are already many products and projects under development in the autonomous vehicles, which are described as the cars of the future. Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared with the public the future of autonomous cars and the innovations they will bring to our lives.

decision making ability

Fully and semi-autonomous vehicles, thanks to their advanced technology, reduce the margin of error to a minimum by reacting quickly and make fewer mistakes than a human. LIDAR technology, which means light detection and distance determination as well as the decision-making ability of driverless vehicles, aims to prevent loss of life in traffic accidents in the future.

Eco-friendly technology

Within the scope of combating climate change, different applications have been put into use around the world. At this point, manufacturers of fully and semi-autonomous vehicles pay attention to offering products that run on electrical energy instead of using fossil fuels. In addition, it is aimed to minimize carbon emissions in this way.

New employment areas

Depending on the development of driverless cars, many new business lines for white and blue-collar employees in the automotive industry began to emerge. Experts think that new needs that will arise in the future will lead to the formation of different occupational groups.

More fun trips

Fully and semi-autonomous vehicles stand out with their in-car entertainment systems as well as advanced technology. Today, many self-driving vehicles, which are mass-produced, offer opportunities such as playing games and watching movies with the help of consoles and tablets.

More regular transportation

It is thought that as a result of the increase in the use of fully and semi-autonomous vehicles, the use of shared vehicles will increase and problems in transportation will be prevented. It is also stated that the autonomous features of autonomous vehicles will save time.

Ethical principles questioned

There are opposing views on the development of autonomous vehicles. Although the majority are satisfied with the rapid development of autonomous vehicles, one group thinks that autonomous vehicles will destroy some occupational groups and question the ethical rules of the decisions made by vehicles in case of accidents.

Impact on the insurance industry and the insured

The basis of auto insurance is based on two main guarantees; "insurance" insurance that provides coverage for the vehicle itself, and "liability-traffic" insurance against the damage caused by the owner-driver to third parties as a result of an accident. When autonomous-self-driving vehicles come into our lives, the "responsibility" policies of the automobile company that produces the vehicle, the IT company that makes the software used in the vehicle, and even the company that regulates the traffic lights on the roads in order to ensure safe driving of these vehicles will come into effect.

We can define this type of insurance as “product liability” in general terms. Even in today's world, one of the biggest and riskiest customers of product liability insurance is the automotive industry. As of today, this product, which provides "partial" coverage against accidents that occur due to errors in the production phase of the vehicle, even if it is in the operation of the driver, will take the responsibility completely together with the driverless vehicles. “Recall”, which we have been hearing frequently recently, is a part of this insurance product and is a very costly operation carried out by automotive companies in order to prevent the detected error from causing accidents in the future. In the traditional automobile structure, automotive companies have to make developments in this direction, being aware of the liability lawsuits that will come to them in the near future, specific to "driverless" vehicles.

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