Sultani Seedless Fresh Grapes Became the Star of Export

sultani seedless fresh grapes became the star of exports
sultani seedless fresh grapes became the star of exports

Sultani, which was the favorite of the Ottoman palace cuisine and adorned the palace tables, became a star in the export of seedless fresh grapes. Sultani seedless fresh grape exports increased by 2021 percent from 54 million dollars to 81 million dollars in the January-October period of 125.

Turkey's export of fresh table grapes; In the 2021-month timeframe of 10, it increased by 36 percent from $118 million to $160 million. Sultani grapes alone represented 78 percent of fresh grape exports.

Superior grape, which is preferred by diabetes patients due to its low sugar content, reached an export level of 6 million 579 thousand dollars, while Red Globe grape, which has been shining in recent years, provided a foreign exchange return of 5,6 million dollars.

The Yalova pearl reached an export level of 4,8 million dollars, the Rezaki variety grapes 2,6 million dollars, and the Antep black grape; It showed an export success of 1,7 million dollars.

Informing that 60 thousand producers produce sultani grapes in 1 million 100 thousand decares of vineyard areas in the Manisa-İzmir-Denizli triangle, Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association President Hayrettin Uçar said that sultani seedless grapes are an energy store, protect the liver, cardiovascular health, and balance cholesterol, He noted that while it provides protection against forgetfulness, it has blood-forming properties and increases body resistance, and there is an increase in demand for fresh grapes during the pandemic period.

10-month grape exports exceeded 2020

Pointing out that Turkey exported 2020 million dollars of fresh grapes in 158, Uçar said, “We left behind the export figure of 2021 in the 10-month period of 2020. We are taking firm steps towards our export target of 2021 million dollars, which we have set for 200. I sincerely congratulate our producers and exporters, who have made great efforts in the emergence of this successful picture.”

While the Russian Federation is by far the first country in the export of sultani seedless fresh grapes with an amount of 74 million dollars, Ukraine demanded 17,7 million dollars of sultani seedless fresh grapes. These countries were followed by Belarus with 7,3 million dollars of sultana fresh grape exports and Germany with 7,1 million dollars. Turkey exported sultana seedless fresh grapes to 2021 countries in the 10-month period of 46.

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