Soil Analysis Training for Bornova Farmers

Soil Analysis Training for Farmers from Bornova
Soil Analysis Training for Farmers from Bornova

Bornova Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality organized a training on soil analysis and productivity in order to disseminate new techniques to benefit from scientific data in agricultural production.

In Bornova, which hosts 12 rural neighborhoods and many geographically registered agricultural products, training was held to increase agricultural production capacity. In the training organized in the Bornova Municipality Wedding Hall with the partnership of Bornova Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, what needs to be done to get the right analysis sample from the soil and to analyze the data were explained. The farmers who participated in the event, where İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department Soil and Leaf Analysis Laboratory Responsible Senior Agricultural Engineer Ayşen Duman made a presentation, learned to use modern agricultural production techniques in the light of scientific data.

Free consultancy service will be provided to the producers.

Within the scope of the application, which was started after the theoretical training organized by the Bornova Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to support agricultural production, the farmers of Bornova will deliver soil samples taken from their own lands to the mukhtars for analysis. According to the analysis reports to be prepared by the expert personnel of the Bornova Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the agricultural engineers of the municipality will conduct field research on the lands of all the farmers who apply, and provide consultancy services to produce the appropriate product with modern methods. On the other hand, services such as spraying, vaccination and pruning will be provided free of charge to the farmers in line with their needs.

Chairman İduğ: “We will continue to stand by the farmers”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that the breakthrough initiated by 'Agricultural Production is Possible' with the slogan of “Another Agriculture is Possible” is very meaningful for the future of Turkey, Mayor of Bornova Dr. Mustafa İduğ said, “Agricultural production is decreasing due to climate change and economic reasons. We see the importance of agricultural production more and more every day. As the local government, we are aware of our responsibility. We work with many municipalities, non-governmental organizations and public institutions, especially İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, to support farmers and increase agricultural production. We will continue to help the farmers of Bornova to use the land more efficiently by organizing new projects and campaigns, especially in the fields of education and consultancy.”

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