SEDDK to Recruit 15 Assistant Experts

insurance and private pension regulation and supervision agency
insurance and private pension regulation and supervision agency

Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency announced. According to the announcement of the institution published in the Official Gazette, an assistant insurance specialist will be recruited. An announcement was made for the entrance exam to be held for personnel recruitment. So, how to apply for personnel recruitment of the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency? What are the application requirements for the insurance assistant specialist entrance exam?

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1) Exam applications will start at 15:2021 on Monday, November 09.00, 30 and will end at 2021:17.00 on Tuesday, November XNUMX, XNUMX.

2) Applications are made on the official website of the Institution ( will be done via the link.

3) Applications; Filling in the Exam Application Form (with a Turkish Identity Number statement) electronically will be completed by uploading a color passport photo taken within the last three months, a barcode internet printout of the KPSS Result Document, a Language Exam Result Document or a barcoded internet printout to the relevant sections of the Exam Application Form.

4) Applications not made within the deadline and applications made with missing documents and information will not be considered.

5) The exams of those who are found to have made false statements in the requested documents are deemed invalid and their appointments are not made. Even if their assignments have been made, they will be cancelled. These persons cannot claim rights and a criminal complaint is filed against them.


1) To carry the general conditions specified in article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

2) At least four years of undergraduate education; faculties of law, political sciences, economics, business administration, economics and administrative sciences, econometrics, actuarial sciences, banking, insurance, banking and insurance, finance, mathematics, statistics, industrial engineering, business engineering departments or those whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council or to graduate from the above-mentioned education branches of education institutions abroad.

3) Not to have completed the age of 01.01.2021 (thirty-five) as of 35. (To be born on or after 01.01.1986.)

4) To have a score of 2020 (eighty) or higher in any of the KPSSP2021, KPSSP1, KPSSP2, KPSSP18, KPSSP28, KPSSP47 score types of the Public Personnel Selection Exam held by ÖSYM in 48 and 80.

5) To have a score of at least (C) in English, German or French from the Foreign Language Placement Exam (YDS) or Electronic Foreign Language Exam (e-YDS) held by ÖSYM in 2020 and 2021, or its equivalence will be determined by ÖSYM. To have another document that is accepted and has international validity.

6) To be among the candidates (1 people) 2 (twenty) times the number of positions to be appointed as a result of the ranking made starting from the candidate with the highest score, from the KPSSP18, KPSSP28, KPSSP47, KPSSP48, KPSSP20, KPSSP300 score types among the candidates who meet the requirements.

7) Candidates who have the same score as the last candidate are also eligible to take the entrance exam.

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