Art and Antique Fair Opened Its Doors to Visitors

Art and Antiques Fair Opens Its Doors to Visitors
Art and Antiques Fair Opens Its Doors to Visitors

Babylons&IAAF Art and Antique Fair, held for the second time in Istanbul, opened its doors to visitors with a preview and a piano recital by Gülsin Onay. The fair, which hosts 30 artists, 000 galleries, 2 antique companies, and many local and foreign works in an area of ​​600 40 m35, hosted 7500 people alternately on the first day of the fair. The organization, which hosts thousands of years old antique works from Turkish painting and sculpture art to art galleries, miniature painting and calligraphy, as well as NFT works, will be open until Sunday evening, 7 November.

Babylons & IAAF Art and Antique Fair, organized by Demos Fairs, the meeting point of art lovers, with the contribution of Babylons NFT Marketplace, opened its doors to the visitors with a great participation at the Istanbul Congress Center and Lütfi Kırdar Congress Palace, accompanied by the piano recital and preview of the world-renowned pianist Gülsin Onay. For the second time, the works of foreign artists from Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine took their place in the fair, which brought together the art and antique industries. The collections, in which NFT works, where digital meets art, were also exhibited, were met with interest by the visitors. While many works exhibited by the participating companies will be presented to the visitors, academic meetings and panels will be held with the participation of expert guests during the event. The fair, where antique ornaments, hundreds of years old accessories, furniture sets, works of local and foreign artists are exhibited, will give visitors an artistic feast for 4 days.

Art and Antiques Reunited

Huseyin Aslan, General Manager of Demos Fairs, stated that NFT works have attracted great interest due to the digitalization of art as well as technology taking place in every moment of our lives. It is possible to understand from today's intensity that there is a serious hunger for art and art activities. A significant number of visitors attended our opening, and they had the chance to examine the fair and the works. In addition to hosting many works, the fair will also host many events for 4 days,'' he said.

Autumn is Art Others Seasons

The opening of the fair was held with the participation of Emrah Kaymak, President of the Chamber of Interior Architects, and Ahmet Aras, Mayor of Bodrum. Emrah Kaymak, Chairman of the Chamber of Interior Architects, who will hold a talk on the interior architecture profession and its importance on Friday, November 5, said, “Istanbul was hungry for art. As Cemal Süreyya said, "Autumn is Art, Others are Seasons". With this fair coinciding with autumn, I hope to spend an autumn filled with art together. I would like to thank Demos Fairs for bringing such a fair to our country,'' he said.

Bodrum is the Home of Art and Artist

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, who attended the opening ceremony, said, “Bodrum has been the home of art and artists for 3500 years. Bodrum's recognition has been entirely based on art and the artist. We, as the municipality, are always on the side of art and artists. We are in it as well as being with it. At the same time, we will bring Bodrum together with art through the galleries we opened and the projects we made together, and we will ensure that it lives more closely with art. As Bodrum Municipality, we have determined our mission to bring art and artists together with the society. Stay with art,'' he said.

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